Spikes on Terrain and and Mesh Problems - Global

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Spikes around EDDL
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Happen every Time i start,was ok before,fly a lot here,it is my Home…

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Same here. I get a similar spike after taking off from KSFO and turning South into the Silicon Vally, close to San Carlos Airport:

It only disappears if I am very close by.

I often fly this region and am pretty sure this wasn 't here before, should have been introduced with today’s update. It’s been reproducible in 3 flights with restart of the simulator. No cache in use.


to bad,now the christmaslockdown is more bad,as the Sim now makes no more fun…
also the Lod look´s bad now…


Same issue taking off from home airport EIDW, they also disappear when u get close then re-appear when u move away


Same here around KCMA (Camarillo, CA). They disappear if I get close, but if I fly away, they reappear. I have rolling cache and photogrammetry turned off.


Has OP tried clearing/deleting rolling cache?

yes,and i have clearing/deleting rolling cache…

I was having the same problem after the update. I would look toward Canada and it looked like there were 20 tornadoes on the shoreline. I quit wrote a post about it in another thread, took a break rebooted ,relaunched, and downloaded the custom livery’s we got as a Xmas present (terrible might I add). Started the flight over again, and all was back to normal, well almost all, the weather menu is no longer accessible in the game but I hardly use that anyways.

Weather menu goes away when you’re settings in Options are for LIVE. Just switch it back, and your weather menu will come back. :wink:

Okay I’ll have to try that out thanks

as long as the Scenery is a mess,i need no Weather,but thank´s :+1:

Scenery hasn’t changed a single bit for me in this latest patch. Not a single thing wrong w/ it on my end.

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Many messed up structures around EDDL


be happy,my Sim is a Mess now,see pics from other,they have also a mess

this is a no go

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I get the terrain spikes everywhere. They disappear as you approach but they’re an eyesore from a distance. I suspect it has something to do with how inland bodies of water are dealt with by the autogen. I’ve noticed that there is usually a small pond or lake associated with the terrain spikes.

Also this river in Spain is a total mess. Almost the total length of the rio Ebro is like this.


Yes,look´s like we Have a Christmess now…
Sim is useless for me as is…
Please Vote that they do a hotfix,i want a working Sim for the Time At Christmas lockdown


I keep trying to love this sim. I want to love this sim. Every time I get close to liking this sim, something that looked good yesterday looks terrible today.

It is what it is I suppose…But, I’m really getting ready to stow this “game” for a few months until they stop breaking good things so we can enjoy new features that also don’t work right (snow).


+1 Please Vote that they fix it :wink:


Please go to CYBR. (Brandon Manitoba). Place yourself on the westbound runway. Set weather to clear skies. Look west, and scan the horizon. Please tell me if you see a pyramid on the otherwise flat prairie. This would provide comparison to my experience, and if you see a pyramid, context for you with regard to what many people are reporting. Thanks in advance for your feedback.