[BUG LOGGED] Mountains/coastlines constantly morphing since the USA/UK/Nordics World Updates

Terrain morphing. It’s as old as flight simulators. It was horrendous in FSX and P3D and I thought it would be gone for good in MSFS. Apparently not.

On my system this only appeared after the USA update. It may be that the increased DEM of that update revealed a bug or deficiency that was already there of course. I’ve a series of test flights which I undertake after each update - one of those is flying west out of KJAC and that revealed this phenomenon immediately to me (along with the tearing). It was always part of fsx/p3d which jarred with me and was initially pleased to see it absent from the release version of msfs.

I7 10700k/rtx 3090/32gb ram/1tb nvme/30fps/30hz monitor/vsync


It was I believe at launch, but whatever they did with the USA update seems to have made it far more noticeable - for me at least. I do most of my flights around Innsbruck area.

Only a problem after USA update. Prior to that it was imperceptible, at least for me. Now it is an absolute immersion breaker.

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IMHO this is (and always will be) fundamentally a FPS vs image quality tradeoff issue.

I suspect that “poor FPS” complaints and the pending VR-support (which now needs two instead of one image) slowly pushed the (LOD) “tradeoff” towards FPS during some of the recent versions.

I hope that the “blows your mind visual quality”-option will return and get expanded. If users want high FPS they can/need to adjust the settings to achieve that goal. However, it is not a good idea to limit “Ultra” in such a way, that it will reduce visual pleasure. Perhaps they need to add yet another category … like “Really Ultra” or “Crazy Ultra”?

But then, sadly users will most like always hope (expect?) that their systems will produce very high FPS at the highest settings.

I am fine with 10 to 15 FPS while flying (cruising) … I even would be fine with 1 or 0,1 FPS … if that would give me constantly higher quality images. So that if I stop my drone camera at a certain location … and watch the scenery, I would love it to “constantly” get a better and more refined look.

I still enjoy sightseeing a lot … for as long as the view allows this little goose to dream about all those far away places.

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The OP is correct. There are two separate issues.

One is the new spikes randomly introduced across the world where the terrain is flat or more uniform. The thread/voting for that is here:

The issue the OP is posting about is as shown in the video above:

I don’t know whether these are linked or not, but it doesn’t matter. Vote for them anyway. To fix the second issue, vote in this thread!


I came only to the point, because this was also mentioned withtin the other thread. I mean nothing bad… Nobody force you too un-split the topics. I mark my former post as invalid.

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Hello all! The spikes and the mountains popping up and down are two different issues. Please keep this in mind when contributing to this topic. Thank you!


Thank you :+1:

Sorry I was a bit harsh, no harm done I hope. All the best.

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Thank you.

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My reaction wasn’t really any better :wink:

And to participate a bit productive. I have seen these “morphing” one time, but just at at such a reported peak. Now as we split the topics and I seen this onetime, I can give a vote :slight_smile:


Well I have seen both - like many ppl here - and I think they are 2 sides of ‘the same coin’ as in terrain mesh vs LOD problems. I reckon if they fix one it will fix both symptoms, and also that after that update they tried to get a bit more out of the terrain info than it was capable of giving while remaining stable. I expect them to lower the mesh resolution again just slightly.

Looks like Liverpool is having Volcanic activity the same as Teesside! The North of England must be on a fault line. On a serious note it completely spoils the emersion. I haven’t even played it since the spikes appeared. The sim never looked better than the release day, after that one thing after another!.

Just wondering if this issue is being discussed along with the other big scenery problems like coastline glitch and terrain spikes. I haven’t played at all since the USA update introduced all of these issues. It murdered the immersion for me, so I have been patiently sitting on the sidelines and watching from a distance. As I see info trickle in about the upcoming update #3, I’m seeing very little about these big scenery issues. Its becoming a little concerning once again. I really hope they fix this stuff. At the very least, provide an option to revert back to prior builds. If I could have the England update with no fixes of these issues OR no England update and just fixes for all the problems introduced with the USA update, I would certainly take number 2.

I did ask a couple of times in the chat during the Q/A about morphing mountains, but the question was ignored, (as was my question about office blocks in the UK countryside!).


Thanks for the reply. Here’s hoping that radio silence doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t get fixed asap. Cheers

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I first saw this “effect” while flying over Grand Canyon, where the extension of this problem is severe. I thought that it is because of the complexity of the canyon, but later, I found out, that almost every mountain range does that. And I dont even need to fly that low. It is really distracting - issue upvoted and I hope that Asobo will fix it.


Thank you - I tried to get it into the chat in the recent Q/A session but it was moving so fast I don’t think they even saw it. They didn’t mention it, the worrying thing is I don’t even think that they think it is a problem. The thing is, it wasn’t doing it when the sim was first launched, that’s what is so annoying! Anyway thanks for keeping the post alive.

Hmm, that is quite sad that they did not mention it, cause I would say it must be quite obvious to everyone, that something is wrong when you fly closer to the ground.
The only thing I noticed is that in some areas, this problem is non-existent or almost invisible. For example - I tried to fly over Lake district in UK and later over Scottish Highlands and the mountains there are fine most of the time. I would say that it has something to do with the complexity of the hills/mountains - in UK, mountains are more rounded and therefore, they have less elevation data to load and process (my guess). On the other hand, moutains in several areas in US (where this problem is severe on my side) are more complex. So maybe the dev team and other players fly over areas that has fewer elevation data and that is why they dont recognise this as an issue.
I just hope that somewhere in the future, this thing will get fied, because nowadays, I try to avoid flying over these more complex areas, which is a shame, since most of them are really beautiful.

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