Scenery Spikes

Must be a terrain issue X-PLANE had a similar bug to this.I had a good laugh with this!

Rome Airport GA

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From a brief flight today in the UK, every one of these I saw was associated with water.

It was happening a little before the last patch and now it is happening a lot more. I wonder if it is a Bing to Sim processing error that is happening either when they update the maps to the Scenery servers, or from the servers to us. Anyway, one of the biggest, and new bugs now… Back to FSX type issues.

Was happening with X-PLANE with orthos so you may not be wrong.It was tied to the mesh.

Same in Provence of Quebec (Trois-Rivieres -Quebec city- Riviere du Loup)

The whole thing should be moved to Bugs and there should also be VOTED:

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There is a fix on ( Scenery Glitch Fixes for Update • Microsoft Flight Simulator ) and so far I have seen no spikes while flying. It’s pretty ■■■■ good. :grin:

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The Gaspésie too was pretty bad. Luckily the mod I shared above fixes it all.

It works for me too hadn’t seen a single one ! Very good mod and it does work !

Yeah I have not come across any spikes either since. Excellent mod. :+1:

Dublin City was full of them an hour ago

Somewhere in South America

Now you see it…

…now you don’t.

I got the same around new york however if you fly over them they dissappear for some weared reason.

Its a mesh lod flaw. The mesh has had issues for about the last month actually. In one update it broke mountains, as you move further away from them they break up showing sky behind, and in this latest it causes these spikes.

Was flying between BHD VOR and EGHQ Newquay this afternoon.

Saw two scenery spikes. Not large, about 300ft above ground level.
Next time I looked, there was only one.
Kept looking and the second shrank to nothing to transform into ‘proper’ topography.

Will have a fly around Worcestershire and Staffordshire where I’ve seen them. Hopefully, they’ve gone. :crossed_fingers:

Borg Al-Rom ?

They seem to be everywhere

Gotta try that mod above.

My latest game.

In VR.
Find a scenery spike.
Stare at it in the centre of the FOV.

See it shrink to correct topography.

That mod I posted works for me as I have encountered no spikes since. Try it ! :boom:

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