Spinning loading wheel in-game

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Spinning loading wheel in bottom right hand corner of screen in-game.

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Play the game. VFR over the UK

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3900x, 2080ti, SSD, 32GB 3200mhz RAM

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Microsoft Store

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As mentioned above, I’m regularly getting this spinning loading indicator in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. It often pops up at brake release, take off, landing etc. However, it’s also regularly there in flight. I don’t know what it is but I don’t need to see it.

Anyone else getting it?

I suspect it’s to do with internet bandwidth (40mbps line & it’s evening where I am).

Yeah, it pops up frome time to time. I agree, we dont need to see it :sweat_smile:
Deffo not related to inet speed,im Running 1gb up/down glass fiber.
But probably it shows up when it’s loading something in background.

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I just did a flight where I was flying towards a photogrammetry city and it just didn’t stop until I was past it. I’ve got a massive rolling cache (50GB) so wonder if it’s that loading from disk?

ps I do that because my 40mbps line just cannot load photogrammetry as I fly over a city. All I get are melted looking buildings. If I live pause I can see the stuff loading in in front of my eyes.

We’re getting 1GB net later this year. Can’t come soon enough.

Maybe. I have rolling cache of and the wheel still appears, even on FL300. So i guess its just when its loading a bigger bunch of data or so… it doesnt matter, really. But it can just go, we dont need to see it :sweat_smile:

Amen to that. It’s distracting and pointless. ‘So you’re loading?’ ‘So what…’ :laughing:

Some topics have already talked about this issue, but it seems that the community doesn’t care too much…
I think it’s very annoying and totally breaks the immersion. Voted for the umpteenth time anyway…

This is really quite new and it seems to me initially upon release it was downright rare to see ever. Then maybe w/ WU3 I began seeing it, then worse by far w/ the last update. Now I’m on a flight from KTVL>KACV and it’s constantly spinning and degrading smooth performance to the point I will have to shut it down now. I have 73% GPU load and4 47% of peak load on the main thread, and yet my vsync to 30Hz is now steady stuttering. What a real mess I’m miffed. I’ve been patient, apologetic for MS/Asobo, but this is really getting bad and bad reputation gets hard to shake at some point. Please folks get this sorted out before releasing another scenery update that is not the main issue now for many to most users I believe.

I did a search for topics of a similar nature and it didn’t come up with anything, I must have used the wrong search terms!

I don’t recall ever seeing it prior to WU3. It became obvious after that whenever a major thing happened - brake release, taxi, take-off and so on. Only for a second. Last night it was going almost non-stop for 5 minutes as I flew towards Oxford and only quit once I’d got past it.

It’s just completely unnecessary. The nature of this game is it’s constantly loading stuff. I don’t need to see this stupid symbol to confirm it.

I’ll submit it as a ticket.

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