Spitfire not in aircraft list

I just puchased the new spitfire. I downloaded the file, unzipped it and draged it to my communityfolder with only the FBW A320 and some liveries.
Unlike the A320 and the liveries, the spitfire is not displayed in the plane list in MSFS.
I restarted the sim many times and even started up the pc again.
Also emptied the community folder, so only the spitfire is in there. Despite that, no results.
Probrably i missed out on something so can anybody help me out on this one.
I use the steam edition.

There’s a new aircraft category along with Jets, Propellers, etc. in the aircraft selection page, I think it’s “Others”, that’s where I found mine.

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its not in there either. map others is greyed out

Deleted the fie and downloaded it again. Now it is in the others map. thanks for the help!