Spoiler Axis

Has anyone had luck with the spoiler axis? I tried to set one of my Saitek Throttle’s to spoiler and it wont work. All other axis are fine.

Worked fine for me using x52 pro

Working fine here using a VIRPIL HOTAS. I assume you are binding it to “SPOILERS AXIS”?

I use the “Toggle Spoiler” option… one push and it opens, next push it closes… My old trusty Extreme 3D Pro

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Yes to the spoiler axis. Oddly, I dont have the same slider bar like the other axis.

I mapped it fine on my X56 throttle

I got it figured out. Wrong axis menu item.

I have, and it works for me (X52 Pro). However, I cannot arm the spoilers because the lever will go to the axis position immediately afterwards. The spoilers will therefore not deploy on touchdown.

Hi, I’m experiencing the same issue with the same device. Which one was the right menu item? Thanks

I tried again yesterday and it seems to be working. The citation CJ4 does not seem to have a ‘spoilers armed’ position. It does work in the 787 for me. I will have to investigate about the real aeroplane.

There is a delay in the axes movement in all aeroplanes. This affects the spoilers and may be related to my experience.