Spoilers prevent me to move


maybe it’s a silly question, I’m still learning. Sorry if it’s stupid.

Before landing I arm my spoilers and they deploy when I land. The issue if I can’t move the plane if I don’t retract them, is it the normal behaviour of the A320? (Using the FBW dev A32NX).

I find it weird that the spoilers may be able to oppose enough force to stop the plane, while pushing the engines.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT : I saw you have to manually brake to disengage the auto brake, maybe it’s the reason? Between 60-80 knots I disengage reverse and then I have to manually brake?

So disarming the spoilers disable the auto brake?

The braking to disarm the autobrake is the reason.
The autobrake will stay on until you come to a complete stop unless you turn them off by the pushbutton switch, or by pressing the manual brakes.
Spoilers disrupt the smooth flow of air over the wings, causing the plane to settle on the ground quickly, or slow down while airborne.