Sqawk Code Automatically given when VFR spawning at Class C or B airport

When spawning at a Class C or B airport for a VFR flight, no matter what your flight mode is, ATC Ground Control and/or Clearance Delivery should automatically assign a transponder squawk code to the user.

After taking off, Tower should pass the pilot off to the appropriate Departure control, who would then either maintain the pilot on their flight plan or flight following, or tell the pilot to squawk VFR upon leaving the Class Charlie or Bravo airspace.

I would say that this should only apply if you spawn on the runway (or at a hold short point if they implement that in the future). If you spawn cold and dark at a parking space or gate, it should be the pilot’s responsibility to get their own clearance.

When I fly out of Manchester (KMHT), Ground control automatically gives me a squawk code before I can taxi. I don’t have to ask for it. They just give me one. They have to, It’s class C, you can’t fly there without it. Same thing with Bravo.

I’m only asking that real world operations be followed here. If I’m flying VFR, cold and dark or from the runway, doesn’t matter, I should be able to get a squawk code when I ask for taxi instructions. In fact, it should be forced on me. Currently, you can’t even ask for one if you’re VFR.

It’s a pretty serious breach that Asobo is allowing pilots to transition Charlie and Bravo airspaces without a transponder code. If I was the FAA, I’d be ■■■■■■!

Consider yourselves written up, Asobo!


ATC does give a squawk code when you spawn at a class C and B airport. At least it does for me and in the US. Perhaps Asobo just likes me more than you?


When you’ve selected a VFR flight?
Certainly when I ask for an IFR clearance it does. I’m suggesting that they must do it for VFR, too.
But, I’ll test it again. They did say they were upgrading terminology, maybe it’s changed?

Edit: Yep, nope, if you’re VFR, no squawk code is provided. And there’s no way to get one, either, unless I file an IFR plan on the spot.

Hmm, I haven’t done a VFR flight in a while but I remember getting a squawk code. But I definitely get one when using IFR.

Not for a VFR flight you didn’t. Yes, of course, for IFR they give one. Point is, no matter what the flight is, anywhere you spawn at a Charlie or Bravo airport, no matter what the condition, you need to get a squawk code. Currently, you do not and cannot for VFR flights. They just tell you to taxi.

The software doesn’t currently care what kind of airport your at, and it needs to.

When you’re flying, you can ask to transition a Charlie or Bravo airspace if you’re VFR, that is true (but they don’t give you the option to ask till way too late). Worst case, they could add a choice to get a transponder code, and tell you you can’t take off until you get one. Currently, however, you can’t even do that. It should, however, be automatic.

You should probably edit the title of this thread then to specifically referred to VFR Flights. That was not made clear and could cause confusion.

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This is a good point, but I think it will be down the list on ‘things to do’.

If there is a Clearance Delivery, there should be an option to request VFR Flight Following.

I take off VFR from a class C…
transponder is 1200…
I am passed to Dispatch, with an option to transition Class C airspace.
Once that is done, now I get the option to request flight following.

In real life, when I depart my Class D, and flying directly into the adjacent Class C, I am given a squawk code, before I am cleared to takeoff. Because of a letter of agreement between the two airports.

These type of details are for the simulator crowd, not for the casual gamer wanting to just fly over landmarks.

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I’m just adding it to the list, an tryin’ to git votes fer it :blush:

Yes, a current work around would be to allow the user to ask for flight following from clearance delivery or ground control (and this could be at all airports) before takeoff, or even after, but, of course, you can’t do that till it’s too late currently.

Pretty simple to implement… Check if at Class C or B, give transponder code with taxi instructions for VFR, too. Or rather, use IFR clearance delivery for VFR, but with an internal switch to have departure control tell the pilot to switch transponder to the default VFR code upon leaving the airspace.

Or… worst case, As you suggested, allow the user to request flight following from Clearance Delivery/Ground. But that seems more confusing too me.

Where do you fly out of?


If you depart straight out on Rwy 12, at ‘four stacks’ you cross into KBUR class C

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Thanks for bumping this! :slight_smile: