SR22 Airspeed issue (VNE)

Was actually enjoying piloting the SR22 and while on the climb to 9000 feet, noticed something strange :
The airspeed limit (VNE) came down lower, to limit the max speed however the only actual time it happens is on jets flying at the Flight Levels and use the barber pole (VMO/MMO).
This is quite unrealistic since this characteristic apply mostly for jets flying MACH number (Mostly) at high altitudes where the Max speed (VMO/MMO) is affected by temperature and other.
I never saw this happens on any G1000 plane i flew to 10,000 feet to include Cessna 172 and DA-42NG.
It’s clearly a bug in the way this was made…

Seems like you are onto something. Submitting an official bug report may actually get attention from Asobo.

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