SR22 improved after WU6?

did anyone try out the SR22 after WU6 ? changelog says the SR22 is improved.
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i am on microsoft store (not steam), PC. flying in VR with Reverb G2.

cheers !

Yes is now better but trim doesn’t work like before SU5 :frowning:

Hello @TundraKeks22440 ,
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I don’t know. I just upgraded to Premium Deluxe today and have only flown the 787 and a little bit of the SR22 so far. Could someone fill me in if you know? Thanks.

It flies nice enough. :slight_smile:

Notes say they made it a smidge faster and increased the fuel flow to be more in line with the numbers in the manual. I haven’t kept detailed enough notes to tell the difference, but nothing seemed out of whack.

Personal Comments:

I was looking forward to this change, so it was one of the first things I tried yesterday.

I’m seeing closer numbers to 180 kts under 5,000’ which makes it a bit more in-line for a higher-performance a/c. I need a few more hops at higher alt and a longer trip to see what the fuel consumption looks like.

The prop effect seems from certain angle seems faulty (I don’t know if it appears since WU6)

have been in the air with the SR22 after some time. not even the GCU alphanumeric keypad is working ?!?!
pitot heat i cannot switch on, button is not working neither.

come on Asobo, after one year. And no, make the GCU alphanumeric keypad work has nothing to do with study level aircrafts. (what you will not do which is ok. but we can expect working buittons in the aircraft).

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