SR22 Issues

I wanted to share some of the issues and probmens I am seeing with the SR22. I know this aircraft well and have flown it in the real life before. Also I have flown it a considerable amount in xplane. Here are some of the issues I am observing.

o A lot of G1000 issues which I am not gonna get in to. I think dev is aware of unusability of the g1000 suite we have. The community addons help but still it is far from useful. I do not even get a glide slope with ILS approaches.

o The performance of this aircraft, especially the climb, is really not correct. This needs to be looked at and needs to be compared to real aircraft stats.

o De ice does nothing. To test this, I ve flew DA62 and SR22 from the same airport under same conditions (low ceiling and freezing point). I turn on de-ice before takeoff. I set the De-ice to norm mode for both airplanes. DA 62 does a good job keeping all ice out of the windows, and mostly off the wings. SR22 does a really good job on the windows, but it does absolutely nothing on the wings. To test this further, I flew SR22 into icing conditions with de-ice off. I let the airplane pick up ice. I turn on the deice. immediately the ice on the windshiled started to melt, where there were no changes on the wings. As a result, the de-ice system on the SR22 does nothing for the wings.

Anyone else seeing similar results?

This is a guess, but it sounds as though the TKS System is not implemented on the SR22.

The windshield is not de-iced by fluid, so it makes sense that the functionality of the windshield deicing system works on both aircraft.

That said, there are simply too many issues with the SR22 - other than no FIKI functionality - to make it enjoyable (for me) to fly. That aircraft was the sole reason I opted for the Premium Deluxe edition of MSFS. It’s a shame that it is not better modeled.

When I was “flying” in FSX the aircraft I spent the most time in was a third-party model of the SR22 built by Eaglesoft. I guess I was expecting too much for a “stock” aircraft to be on the same level as a well made third-party offering.

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new bug after su5 + working title nxi update for sr22 in content manager, range cnobe inactive, so i can not change map zoom in the gps, all 3 rotaries are dead, left/right mfd and on the cockpit keyboard
i use other working title but for sure all of them up to date g1000, g3000 and gx from there Working Title - Packages

You should remove the original WT G1000 mod if using the NXi mod.

thank you, don’t sure what’s better :slight_smile:

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