Sri Lanka satellite terrain update

Hello from Sri lanka! I fly a lot at Sri lanka in the sim, and the scenery is gorgeous! But the issue is it’s VERY outdated. Atleast by five years. It makes VFR flights near big cities a bit difficult and is a wee bit of an immersion breaker at times.

I would love an update for the maps! Not photogrammetry or anything, just the terrain and the autogen.

Side note: I really have to say this, but this simulator is everything I ever dreamed of not long ago. It’s almost magical to see it unfold IRL! Thanks Asobo and everyone who worked tirelessly on this Sim for making my dream come true… I know there are a few issues, but being a software dev myself I know Asobo must be working hard to get them fixed and hey… We get to fly in a simulation of the entire world! Awesome!

I also submitted this request on ZenDesk.

Sigirya looks good.

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I have seen changes here and there and I assume that the maps are being updated slowly. But the world is huge and I guess that Sri Lanka is not exactly prio one, although absolutely beautiful! I‘d just wait until Bing is there. I wouldn‘t even be surprised if India and Sri Lanka received a World Update eventually.

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One of my good friends is Sri Lankan, so I gave this a vote. :slightly_smiling_face:

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