St. Barth's scenery

Is there a scenery add-on that adds people on the beach area at the end of the runway? I thought I saw a video somewhere that showed people on beach chairs but now can’t find that video. Thanks.

Sounds like Princess Juliana Airport on Saint Martin. ICAO: TNCM.

I have the TNCM Airworthy Designs add-on but I thought I saw somewhere people on the beach at the end of the runway at St. Barths too.

I saw it too but it was for either X-Plane or Prepar3d. Not sure if there’s one for St. Barth’s but if there is I would think would be the site to check. I got the free Waikiki area add-on there and it’s awesome. Someone on there also redid some of the buildings and sites in Manhattan (I live in Brooklyn) and the Trade Center looks sooo much better - also free. I also have the St. Martin add-on that redoes the whole Princess Juliana airport/Maho beach area with people on the beach, also does Grand Case airport as well. Well worth the $8 I think I paid for it.

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The Waikiki addon scenery at night is simply amazing!
As for Saint Bart’s the Seafront Simulations addon really adds a luxurious vibe to Port Gustavia with docked boats and yachts. As for adding people to the beaches it can be done if you own the FSX/P3D Flytampa St Marteen scenery. Simply grab the 3d peds out of the folders and import them into the MSFS scenery with coordinates.
Or use this Dave's 3D People Library for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS


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I do have the Fly Tampa St. Maarten scenery installed in my FSX. Where do I find the 3d peds (what folders) and how do I import them into MSFS with coordinates? Thanks.

Do you have any experience with layout.json, scenery/model bgls blender,MCX or GLTFs?
If not then I apologize and refrain from stating “simply” in the previous post.
Without knowledge of those tools there isn’t a simple way of adding them.

Oh and here I thought you just copied and pasted some files lol.

yes…can’t stand (or swim) at the end of St Barth’s runway!

There is one airport off the coast of France by lvfr that has people on the beach when the temperatures go up and they are right at the bottom of the runway.

Can’t remember what it’s called

hmmm…not sure of that one. Skiathos is another in Greece where ‘innocent bystanders’ can get sand-blasted…just like TNCM.

This is it. Fsdreamteam not Lvfr.

LFEQ Quiberon Airport MSFS 2020

Has people on beach when hot, boats and rocks, people in the cafe at airport sitting outside when dry and inside when wet, animated guys by the tower and in the tower.

Nice little airport.

nice one…good pics