Standby Altimeter does not agree

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The altimeter on the PFD does not agree with the Altimeter standby instrument. (tbm 930 anyway)
We had this bug before. It has been re-introduced.
I’d guess the x-box merge team was working on an older code and so bugs may have been re-introduced.
The ATC consistently reports that I am 300 feet low regardless of altitude. Is this why?
I am working to see if that non-synched gauges contributes to the Altimeter problem.
The News section reports they are working on something but continually deleting posts on the subject is just going to cause an endless loop and is neither helpful nor appreciated…
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Set your altimeter and take off. Compare altimeters.
Climb to your assigned altitude and when you reach it…listen to the ATC.
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18.xxxxxx update Aug1 2021
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The fact that the two altimeters disagree is in itself not a bug. If IRL baro pressure changes the pilot has to set the new value both in the PFD and the stby altimeter.
In MSFS however, the autopilot locks onto the stby altimeter value. That is a bug, and i issued a report for that. The fact that ATC warns you is because they (correctly) look at the PFD value. Until the bug mentioned above is resolved keep the stby altimeter baro pressure synchronized with the main (which you should do anyway).


looks like no problem to me, set very different stb altimeter press and altitude show, generic ATC looking to my PFD without problems, as it need to be correct.

Look to APP radar contact info. I see old post of author but only did test that shows different result.