Stapleton Airport

Anyone have charts / diagrams for Denver’s Stapleton Airport? I would love to build a version of Stapleton for MSFS. I have a few of them - some from Flight Assignment: ATP, but I need more data. Anyone have any sources?


Its now called Centenial airport. Still in operation.

Stapleton (KDEN) closed in 1995 when the new airport opened approximately 31 nm NE of Denver, all codes and designators were transferred to the new airport; Denver International Airport (KDEN). Centennial Airport (KAPA) was opened in 1968 15 nm SE of Denver and is in use as a GA/ Business Jets general use airport.


Stapleton is now a big housing and retail development. Only it’s not called Stapleton anymore because, it turns out, old man Stapleton was a member of the KKK back in the 20s. Now it’s the Central Park neighborhood. United Airlines still maintains its pilot training center there.

Is there still a restaurant in what was the tower? I think it was 2018 I ate there. Actually it may have been 2017 as it was new at the time.

I’m sure you could find these charts online. That’s a great idea of putting this airport back into life in MSFS.

Punch Bowl Restaurant closed March of this year. The old tower complex was sold this past November for $8 million. Not sure of any specific new plans for the tower after the sale.

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Sadly, no. A friend of mine who lives right near the tower says it’s been gone since at least spring of this year.