Starting up

Looks and sounds exciting, can’t wait to get started. See you up there.

Really depends what you are into… If you are into planes, aviation, learning new skills/systems, etc. it can be quiet the fun rabbit hole. If you watch videos on YouTube about flights sim procedures and fall asleep it may not be for you. Keep in mind by default there is no mission or goals, so you will need to set them for yourself. But an early goal would just be starting a plane and taking off, successfully landing, understanding the planes operation, etc. You will need to rely on YT for a lot of the training. Little to no documentation exists. But there are a ton of videos for MSFS2020 and FSX that will help. FSX videos are still useful for principles and best practices…

To get the most of it make sure you have a decent system, and not the minimum spec they claim. You will also want to invest in some sort of flight control stick. Ideally, a yoke, throttle quadrant, and pedals. CH makes really good ones, that were fairly priced. Not so sure about that now, everything is REALLY expensive these days. Honeycomb is also a really good one, but hard to get these days. Without the flight controls it’s kinda wonky, like the worst experience playing a racing game with a keyboard. Might have better luck on ebay with people getting bored and selling their hardware.

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Thank you,
I do have an interest in aviation but never really looked into or done anything about it.
I don’t generally like computer games with a win/kill goal, I like interests I can bury my mind in.
I’m with the understanding that I’m not going to fly a 747 from MAN to MCO for a long time, but I’m excited to think that that can happen.

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that’s the correct attitude to have.

Just have fun with it. I’ve visited some places in the sim I’ve never seen before, and already found some new holiday locations for when this covid situation finally blows over.

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Be careful, it is highly addictive :wink:

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I like the thought of that, can you anywhere in the world, or are some locations not yet within the simulator?

The entire world is in your grasp.

Some areas can be a bit less detailed, depending on available information (satellite imagery quality / clouds on the photo, and/or availability of photogrammetry data). But basically everything is there.

99.9% of the world is filled with buildings/trees etc based on that satellite imagery (interpreted and processed by AI). So your house might look a bit different than in reality, but it should still be there.

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Wow, amazing

What are your personal highlights?

pff, there’s been so many. Western Canada is amazing.

Recently did some flying in rainy Scotland, and it was amazing as well.

Alaska had some great sights

Landing almost on top of a volcano during a group flight

Coming in for a landing in rather dodgy weather in the USA (dropped through the top clouds and was happy to be able to see the ground:

Flying through some weather over Chile where I had no business being:

The options are limitless… well… until you run out of planet :slight_smile:

edit: yes… I take tons of screenshots :wink:


Rainy Scotland, it does rain a lot, I’m not too far away from there.
Weather is another question I have. Can you choose what weather to fly in?

Nice tip on screenshot, I can imagine I’ll be shooting loads

Yep, you can set it to ‘live weather’ (with varying results depending who you ask. For me it provides a realistic / believable weather system, even if it doesn’t 100% match up with current METAR reports all the time), or you can select from a list of pre-sets (from clear skies to thunderstorms and snow), that you can edit later on. You can also completely create your own settings.

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A Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Precision Fightstick will be about $30-40 used on eBay.

This will give you the basic controls (power, pitch, roll,yaw) as well as other regularly used aircraft controls and simulator views.

If you get hooked you can upgrade from there. The Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo are IMHO the best $500 you can spend for flight sim controls.

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Live weather! Wow

Just checked out the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Precision Fightstick on Amazon, £89, not bad to start with :+1:t2:

In that price range I chose the Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick edition. It is quite precise and is comfortable.

As for training, check out the flying lessons:

There’s material for every lesson and you can tune in the twitch videos to follow along.
You’ll learn a lot of the basics if you’re really interested.

Do what you like, but better start from the bottom with some small light aircraft before jumping into the jets.

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It is really really REALLY addictive, you will love it :yum: folks that have the VR version post their Youtube videos, make money and never leave their plane except twice a day to take some food pills and drink water :rofl:


First things first. If you’ve never flown a sim, take the lessons and get the basics down. Then you can graduate to the more complex stuff. Get some time in the C172, then maybe the DA40. After that, you’ve got twin engine planes and turboprops like the TBM and Caravan. You can even work up to the big jets if that’s what you’re interested in doing, but I don’t suggest just jumping into the deep end right off. Learn the basics and keep building from there. Once you get to where you want to be with your skills, the world is your playground.

Want to take the TBM around the world? It has the range to make the hops across from Newfoundland to Iceland and on to Europe. Personally, I like to imagine myself as an air taxi owner-operator making shuttle runs like Key West to Cancun or island hopping around Hawaii or the Bahamas and Caribbean areas. You can also take one of the bush planes and explore all the small countryside airstrips. There are even some military aircraft addons available and more in the works, so that’s also an option.

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