Startup procedure: a32nx (flybywiresim)

So i installed the A320 improvisation mod from flybywiresim:

and ended up with these:

Apparently something to do with navigation/alignment. So i checked AIRDS which now works(?) and i flipped them on from left to right, but there were no indication that they stopped aligning, as i saw a real startup proc in Baltic Aviations youtube video here:

So how do i proceed to get the displays sorted? There is no info from the mod creators what they changed procedure wise to get started…

I don’t want to remove the mod because it adds so much stuff like new ECAM pages which is really cool.

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Check ECAM display, it’ll state how much time is left until they’re aligned.


Cool, thanks, will do.

Ok, this does not work and there is no indicator that tells me when and if ADIRS is aligned. Dumping the mod for the moment, hope they will add a proper startup sequence cheet sheet at some point, otherwise this mod will be useless unless you are a proper pilot.

The mod is amazing. It is the default Asobo model that has a problem

It is displayed on MFD.

Alignment takes 5 to 17 minutes depending on the latitude.

Ok, can i do that alignment ASAP when the APU is spun up? 7 minutes is quite a significant time period.

Not at the moment as far as I know. They are planning to add, fast and instant alignment options in future though.

Actually you can do a speedy startup of the ADIRS and do other things while they align:

  1. Batteries ON
  2. Ext Power ON
  3. APU ON
  4. APU Start
  5. ADIRS (1,3,2) start align (took ~10 mins @ Arlanda)

I was also waiting for the battery light that never came on… :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

Well, yea closer to the equatorial line, faster it will be. :slight_smile: Ah and you can start aligning before APU start. It is generally first thing I do after external power is connected. It is often just a few minutes left on the clock, when I am done with checking ATIS, getting clearances, and setting up the MCDU.