Static Aeroflot A310 everywhere

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Why is it, that I see static Aeroflot A310 at every airport? I have the Inibuilds A310 installed, together with the livery pack that was on offer at the store…
Thanks a lot for your input!

You can reduce the amount of the aircraft spawning as ground aircraft at the gates by reducing the slider in your Traffic options for Ground Aircraft to 0. That should get rid of them.

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Ok, thank you! But any idea, why it’s only this one aircraft everywhere? I’ve never noticed that, before I’ve installed the livery pack for the A310.

Similar problem here! No variety in air- and ground-traffic! I have the Scottish Aviation Bulldog installed (among other 3rd party aircraft) and 30+ default planes! Generic Bulldogs in the air and on the ground! No matter where I takeoff, fly or land… Everywhere!

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I like a few static aircraft here and there. But it would be interesting to know how they get chosen.

the game pulls available aircraft that ‘fit the mold’ for w/e parking spots are available

so if you only have default aircraft things are kinda balanced, but if you have some addon aircraft with lots of liveries the game will use each livery as a separate selection - that can give that addon aircraft more possible selections than every other similar aircraft all put together

there are some switches in the aircraft.cfg to enable/disable for ai and air traffic, but im not certain they disable static parked aircraft
not to mention the livery dev probably likes them showing up often - it shows off his/her work so they likely dont change them (0 is disabled / 1 is enabled)



That’s interesting. I have a lot of add-on aircraft, but the inibuilds A310 definitely has the most liveries. So it’s kind of “annoying” that only the Aeroflot livery shows up everywhere. If I change the “CanBeUsedByAiTraffic” value to 0, will it pick the next livery in line and place it all over my airports?

i ‘think’ so, but not 100% certain

and its per livery, you would have to go thru each livery you want to disable and edit or add that comment under the [FLTSIM.0] (as well as any concurrent [FLTSIM.x] sections, but these are not usually in liveries)

I’ve never seen a generic Kodiak! There are 4 variants of the Kodiak with 40+ liveries each!

maybe they set those switches to 0 ?
idk, they may also be smaller and not fit the bill for some parking?

i just now that they assign weight to each aircraft, and its filtered by available parking

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