Static aircraft bouncing above and below the ground

Hello fellow creators, I have added static aircraft to my scenery (SimObjects). They behave weird when I move the camera, bouncing below the ground. This happens multiple times as the viewpoint of the camera is changed but occurs somehow randomly. Does someone know how to fix this? I haven’t used terraforming in this area. Any help is kindly appreciated!

Uncheck snap to ground and set the offset to ground to 1.4 metres. Sometimes that works. Sometimes it doesn’t. You may have to experiment or try another one that does cooperate.


That did the trick. It was all about the offset for each aircraft in the end. Cheers!

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Where and what ?


Click on the sim object’s properties and the snap to ground option is a tick up the top. The offset number box should be just below that.

It sounds like it’s setting the ground point to the origin of the plane, but, when you get close, it uses the contact points. Sounds like a bug actually. I bet that value changes depending on the plane and where the origin of the plane is.