Static military planes at civil airports

I’m getting various military jets showing up at civil airports. I checked all the aircraft files and they are set to Is Air Traffic=0. Also, I cannot find the liveries that are showing up in Official or Community. What am I missing?

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First, many military planes use civilian airports for various reasons, some actually drop cargo there, stop for fuel, and pilots have to maintain flight hours, so may have to plan a flight to civilian airport to get landings, takeoffs, and just hours, so many ILS controlled approaches month and a lot more reasons. Additionally, due hazardous weather, military planes are routinely moved from their assigned base to another location to avoid damaging weather. And not sure if they do it now, but dispersal for attack is another reason military planes are at civilian airfields, to keep them safe if the base they live at is a target. Also, believe it or not, many civilian fields have Air national Guard aviation units station there. Lets see, Jackson, MS, Charleston, SC, Portland, OR, Yuma, AZ is also a MCAS and Civilian AP. Many more where those units are station at civilian airfields. Barbers Point, HI used to be a Naval Air Station, was decommissioned in the 70/80s, turned over to HI state, but at least one Patrol Squadron still station there when I last checked. Cubi Pt, Philippines also, many places.

I’ve noticed lately they are A-10’s and F-15’s at smaller airports. I’m just curious why I can’t find these planes in my Community or Official folders. Are these just placed by Asobo somehow?

I have not seen them, but have not looked. I mostly start out flights at military bases as they are not (where I go) busy, so don’t feel bad sitting at threshold reviewing flight plan. I will be more observant and see what I can see. BUT, I don’t think Asobo put f-15s and others in since that would imply they have them available in sim. Now x-plane puts all kinds of planes all over the place but those are planes available in that sim.