Static Planes at Airports and more realistic Airport Atmosphere

On many small or Regional Airports you can find Static Planes for Example F/A-18s.
To me it makes no sense to see a Military Jet on a little Airfield like for example Courchevel.
It kind takes away much realism and i whould like to have a more realistic Atmosphere on the Airports. I’m wondering what other Players think about this.


Agree, in P3D and FSX you could set the parking type, and you can in MSFS too I think, but the AI seems to ignore it.

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Just disable auto generated traffic, that should get rid of any squatters like the F/A-18s. :grin:

yep… the game renders just static airplanes and the assumption is “we have a civilian sim” and so the game does not care about that the F18 is military. ( its only rendered what users own ).

But if we ignore the “military stuff” ( for which DCS would be a much better choice ) I seen also some airplanes which might be a bit un-common, e.g. Junkers. And that’s just the same thing - random static airplanes from what user own… I like to see at least “some life” on the airports and dont care to much about. I assume with the given data about the airplanes, the algorithm can not better decide what’s currently “common for a airport”.