Stationary aircraft spawning and stay parked on Helipad

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Stationary aircraft are parked on the Helipad. Rude behaviour. The algorithm or airport parking areas probably has to be looked at where stationary aircraft is parked and spawning up.

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Difficult to reproduce because it is random. But my point should be clear that it is real. :grinning:

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I just realise there is more to this bug/behavior than what meets the eye. Some heliports are more advanced. Helicopters all approach the main helipad and must land or hover there. They then air taxi to the helipad where they land and park. ATC clearances are actually required to taxi from/to these helipads. You cannot approach your parking helipad directly.

This means that certain helipads in MSFS cannot be assigned as parking spots for stationary helicopters or aircraft (which should not be there at all !!).