Steam connection with Microsoft account revokable?

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So far I have used MSFS on my MS/Xbox Live account - I had directly bought the game in the MS store. Some days ago my MS account was hacked and MS closed my account so I can no longer access my games on my Xbox Live account.

Of course I do not want to buy the game in the MS store again in order to not face the same problems in the future. Since I regard my Steam account being safer, I want to buy the game in Steam. Also this might be a more intelligent investment since I do not know whether my Xbox Live account might be reopenend some time in the future. I would than have two licenses (one on Steam and one in the MS store).

But there is one question I have: If I buy the Steam version, I will be asked to connect the game to a Microsoft account as well. My friend told me that you are able to “log out” of your Microsoft account in the game menu and that you can connect a different account there. But: What happens to the Steam version if you deinstall the game completely? Will Steam save your connected MS data somewhere or will the game ask you again to connect to an account after a new install? So are you able to switch to a different MS account even if the original first account is suspended?

I hope you understand my problem and I hope you can help me.

Thank you!

You should remove all traces of the MS-Store bought version of the simulator before you do anything else. This ensures minimum “conflict.” You do not want any aspect of the old MS-Store version to be present.

When you purchase the Game in Steam, you will install it as normal on your PC. It will require a few files from Steam, including the MS Installer to be downloaded again. Then the MS Installer will take over and it will look just like the first time you installed the MS-Store bought version.

Once you launch the Steam Store bought version for the first time and use an XBox for Windows (which is a Microsoft User Account) account to log into the Sim, MS and Steam will cross-connect your Steam Account and your XBox account for future logins. That XBox account should be your NEW account that you created, not the one that was hacked/compromised.

You need to make sure your Steam Overlay is enabled because some activities that happen in the sim require cross-connection to work - for example, buying content from the sim Marketplace - which launches your Steam Wallet window in an overlay when you click Buy.

All sounds a bit dodgy to me. Very unusual circumstances.

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Alright, I understand that. But I think your solution here does not answer the question.

Is it possible to unbind this cross-connect between Steam and MS in case you can not reach the MS account which you used when you first started the game? Is it possible to even reset the cross-connect information and to bind a “new” MS account to this game?

When you purchase MSFS on Steam, you have one chance to cross-connect the Steam account that bought MSFS to the XBox account you’re going to use to fly the sim. That chance is the first time you launch MSFS from Steam and it installs for the first time and then requires you to login using an XBox account.

So since your first XBox account is compromised, you should use a new XBox login. Do not use the old one at all.

I don’t know what would happen if on subsequent tries using the sim, you chose to logout of the new XBox account and used the old account. If it’s hacked, I wouldn’t, period. But that’s just me.

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Even Steam users also need an Xbox account to sign into Game.

If you have made any marketplace purchases with one Xbox account these will not be available if you use a different or newly created Xbox account to sign into game.

So…you might have issues there.

Compromised accounts can be recovered. MS should be able to assist with that once the owners identity is confirmed. A password change should be mandatory.

i wonder, did you get in touch with ms helpservice, they really should be able to set it straight.

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Sorting it out with MS seems easier in the long term than walking away and starting again.

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I have tried. I have contaced MS several times. I have proven my identity and I have also been able to change the hacker’s e-mail address back to one of my e-mail addresses. This change will be carried out on 29th October. My account is still closed by MS. I can only contact MS via web forms. There is no one who really wants to help me.

My Epic Games account had also been hacked by someone at the same time. It took only two or three hours to get it back…

Believe me: I am really disappointed. I “only” had about 300-400 Euros worth of games in my account and I imagine what it would feel like if I had downloaded several payware addons for my FS.

I have tried. So far: Nothing new. Support does not even reply, though I was able to prove my identity. I was able to hand in credit card data and even codes for the games which I bought on external websites. No one wants to help me.

In a situation like this, you may want to call them instead of trying to go back and forth via email or chat.

I have tried. In Germany there is no one reachable by phone who could help me.