Steeler's Sky Dolly Videos

Here is a sneak preview of the upcoming major feature of my open source recording application:

Formation flight recording: 30+ Aviat Pitts Special airplanes circle the Empire State Building.

The feature is still in active development, but already serves for some “epic moments”, which is the best way for me to test this feature (to actually use my own software).

I hope you enjoy it as much I did creating this short video :slight_smile:



This is quite amazing! Really creative, worked out great too! Good choice on the music, time of day/weather for dramatic effect, pretty good! I’m looking for inspiration to produce another video and this really helped alot!

Thank you for sharing, hope to see more soon :slight_smile:

In the meantime, i hope i can inspirate you as much as you did for me!

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Not a formation flight, but yet another „cinematic trailer“ done with Sky Dolly (as part of an intensive stress- and usability test):

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Hurricane Ida over Gulf of Mexico:


That’s just insanely beautiful!

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Yay! My video made it to the “headline video” in


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