Steering front wheel on ground CH pedals

I have the CH yoke and rudder pedals. I was able to manually configure the yoke and rudder pedals. My problem is that when I try to turn on the ground I can not seem to turn sharp enough to stay on the taxiways and runway… I know on the big planes they use a tiller but I was just trying out one of the smaller prop planes and still had trouble steering. What am I doing wrong?

Slow down OR configure your toe brakes for tighter turns.

Which one did you try? I noticed with the Caravan you have to turn wide because of this problem. Other props (and even the CJ4) can turn pretty tight

What is your sensitivity? Forget how I configured my Thrustmaster TFRP rudder pedals but they have a big deadzone and quite an exponential sensitivity curve - if I don’t watch it, it’s easy to oversteer but I can easily turn extremely when I want (mainly used in tutorials and in practice for with Cessna 152). The sensitivities shown are for right and left brakes and then for the rudder axis. I configured the peripheral entirely within the sim.

Edit_Update: Looking at my OneNote notes, looks like I got my settings from this post: Thrustmaster T.Flight Rudder Pedals no Gradual Rudder

Also, presume you know, but as a newbie I had to learn that to turn, I had to push forward with one foot (direction I want to turn), pull back with the other foot - just pushing forward with the foot in the direction that I wanted to turn and not doing much with the other foot lead more to braking - as detected by watching what’s happening to the sensitivity meters for all 3 actions when I just try to do a turn movement: Thrustmaster T.Flight Rudder Pedals no Gradual Rudder