Steering issues need Help

Can anyone Help me please Im having Big problems Now. I have been trying to sort the FBW A320 out Having no end of problems with no steering etc. Tiiler is not working or could someone point me in the right direction to some video on how and where in controls I need to sort this. I have found this morning other problems the MSFS Default 747 and the Salty 747 will not steer now soon as I go down the runway there veer off to the right into Buildings. I think trying to sort the FBW A320 out I have completely messed everything up. and should anything be in the nose wheel steering Axis???

so can anyone Help please
Thank you.

Ok guys to give you some idea this is whats happening with the 747 Default aircraft now. so need help to Put this right Thanks.

Is it helpful to see if these things are helpful to you? Nose Wheel and Tiller Operation - FlyByWire Simulations Documentation

try left and right of the joystick . on a low ground speed

Hi Humblesprout just tried it on low speed and autorudder on yes wheels turn and its good but as soon as i start thrusters full to take off it will not and dont want to stay on the Runway.

have you set nose wheel steering using the left and right axis on stick

nose wheel steering axis

You mean here theres nothing.

I also restart the sim . look under steering

just steering

nothing there either. since messing and trying to get the FBW back how I had it weeks ago just had no end of problems now messed my other aircraft up(

OK click nose wheel steering axis , then start scanning . then left and right on joystick .save and I suggest you restart sim .

ok got that I will clicl validate yes?

yes that is correct

ok just going to shut down MSFS and restart.

Ok I have restarted and loaded up the wheels are turning on the 747 but same is happening when i go to take off the plane is veering to the right off the Runway.

ok try it on a air bus or even a small air craft. could it be your rudder is wrongly trimmed

just tried the dreamliner thats sort of ok but still struggled a bit to keep on centre line. and also tried the A310 that was ok for 6 seconds then could not keep it on centre line that veered off the runway to the left.

have you set up the rudder trim

I will Look if i know where im going. Im not an expert at these things but am Trying my best.