Stepanakert change to Xankendi

There is a Airport called “Stepanakert” officialy recognised by every country of the UN as the land of Azerbaijan, And my request is that the name should change to Xankendi!

Today the Karabakh war ended, and now Azerbaijan has the control over the region. And now after the control over Karabakh my request is that every city in Karabakh must be changed to the OFFICIAL Azerbaijani city names.

There are no city names in MSFS, only airport names.

MSFS gets airport names (e.g. Stepanakert) and their ICAO codes (e.g. UB13) from AIP / AIRAC data (see Wikipedia: ).

Responsible for the content of this data is ICAO ( ).

If the name (or runway length or communication frequencies or whatever) of some airport changes - for whatever reason - the aviation agency of the government of that area has to contact and inform ICAO about those changes.

MSFS receives regular updates of the real world AIRAC data, so if there are any changes, they will appear sooner or later in MSFS too.

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So who am i suppose to contact now?

Like @MillKaDe60 said, you don’t decide on the name of the airport, it is the ICAO and the airports owner who does. If Azerbaijan want’s to rename the airport then they will inform the ICAO and they update it.
I don’t know how regular MSFS updates their AIP/AIRAC data but it is at least every month as thats the update rate of AIP/AIRAC.

Aviation agency

I am neither Armenian nor Azerbaijani, but I imagine threads regarding on going conflicts to be outside the scope of these forums.

I doubt MS also wants to touch on this either.


Thank you everyone for your input. This thread is now closed.


Adding on to Beech’s statement, any threads of this kind are not appropriate and are not within the scope of Microsoft or Asobo to change (unless an obvious typo). Feel free to direct your concerns to the relevant ICAO contacts here:

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