Still experience crashes, live weather bug altitude/speed spikes post hotfix

Hey all,
I am still experiencing load crashes and issues with the live weather settings post hotfix. This morning I deleted the entire game and did a clean re-download. Once done I did a test flight with the stock A320 and was still experiencing speed and altitude jumps in the flight levels, even with nothing yet loaded into the community folder. I also downloaded the FBW mod after and tested on that with the same results and nothing else in the community folder. Changing from live weather the another preset only seemed to exacerbate the issue.

I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas where to go from here. It almost seems like the hotfix did not install although based off the above picture, the system thinks it did.

I’m having the same issue in the FBW Development Version.

I have the problem too, and not only that, there is also something wrong with the colors! It seems as if the whole simulator is a ball of light, everything bright and no more shadow, although the clouds are underneath and highlight a thick blanket!

I ran another flight tonight, as long as I kept it off live weather it was fine but as soon as I switched to live the aircraft started climbing and slowing below Mach .6. I want to try the same thing in the C700 longitude, I’m assuming it’s the sim and doesn’t matter what aircraft you use.

The Asobo team did mention on the website that they are aware of the altitude issues and there is not a known fix at this time.

Ok well at least there should be a fix coming at some point. I assumed the hot fix that followed SU5 would fix it but after scrolling through some threads I’ve realized everyone still has this issue.

Can you provide a link? There’s at least nothing here:

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I have also the same issue. I installed the stable version as well as the development version. Both gave the same speed and altitude issues.
Also my flightplan is destroyed after entering a direct to a waypoint or the plane immediatly returns to the previous waypoint or even the departing airport.

Nicely masked. The issue is the incorrect temperatures, which propagates to incorrect altitudes for ATC/instruments.


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