Still low FPS with BETA on the A310

Did that before there is some general frame improvement but that is purely because there is no GSX and payware airports. But the general thing is why other aircraft like the Fenix and PMDG with a very populated Community folder would still give so much more frames in general. At the moment with my current PC specs using the a310 on 4k with the idea to maintain a consistent 30fps gameplay is something impossible when compared to the pmdg and Fenix. I am somewhat lucky i still have my old 1080p monitor to use.

If the solution is to upgrade from the RTX2070S to a RTX4080 to solve it. This does not really seem to be solution as well purely due to the fact the other payware or resource intensive aircraft will still command better frame rates on lower pc specs than the a310.


I think you were being sarcastic about raising the minimum requirements. If not, then I am not sure they can do that in a legal way or not. I am not a lawyer, but I assume it won’t please the customers who bought the game in the premise of those minimum requirements. Raising the minimum requirements means providing no customer support to those who have a lower spec system than that. Now if it was about raising the recommended requirements or creating a new ideal requirements tire, sure that should be done as more things are added in the sim.

Tbf i just did a flight low over london and it was a stutter fest, one thing i noticed recently was the downloading going on, this time it peaked at about 180mb/s

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