Still much too many trees

I see much too many trees in a lot of places, especially in urban areas


In most cases (and is just my personal opinion), does not look bad, I really like how it is. It feels full and not empty as others sims.


Hawaii needs to be looked at big time for trees…


Umm thats a place I haven’t been yet, maybe on small islands you could be right. But on cities I like it.

same , long time problem…dont know why they cant fix it.

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absolutely way too many trees. seriously just look at streets and bridges in cities. they’re literally growing out of the buildings. NYC looks like the end of the world happened and nature took over


I live in the dessert and I am flying to my local airfields and it looks like a North American rainforest here and I am in Australia.:joy:


I disagree. There might be some missplaced trees here and there but overall there are a good amount of them, maybe even not enough at some places like mountains or forests. Anyway we better have a bit too many than too few making the sim look empty and ugly.


My beef with trees is that they are too close to airports. Many backcountry airports are essentially unuseable because you have 50ft trees right at the runway threshold.


In my opinion, trees on bridges and growing on highways are wrong …


yeah they cant fix trees, the AI is placing them and the dont know how to stop her :joy:

The AI places trees. An AI can’t just be bug fixed. I’m sure the algorithm will continue to be improved but that takes time and tons of research and testing.

It’s not just a simple thing they can turn down from what I know

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i doubt that. it’s not some rogue ai, it has settings and tree densities and all that. i’m sure we’ll find a fix for it shortly.

The strange thing is, that in photogrammetry areas there’s too much big trees. Probably ti hide the ugly photogrammetry trees.

But in alot of autogen cities, trees are only rendered really close. So distance urban areas have all the autogen buildings but they look boring because the trees are only spawning when getting close. For me, this is a bigger problem then the photogrammetry trees. I.m.o. they make it look more alive and less flat. (Maybe a bit to much at some places though)

I’ve been looking in the vegetation files to find a way to make the trees spawn earlier to their full size in autogen areas. But there’s so many different text lines that i’m not daring to alter them at the moment…

C:\Users\username_\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_randomkey\LocalCache\Packages\Official\OneStore\fs-base\vegetation for anyone who’s interested


Zendesk. Report it.

yes you can edit file and make trees a little less pronounced

search for “10-asobo_species.xml”, open it with editor and change max value

so new value will be New_max=Old_max-2 for the biginning

or to not confuse you when you see max value is like 23 in this case replace it with 21. OK?

I know you can edit the size and density, but i’m looking for a way to increase the draw circle for the trees when they spawn into their full resolution/size. The object lod factor somehow seems so work for autogen buildings and big forests. But somehow trees in urban areas won’t load until getting close

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I personally believe the issues most likely lie within the AI’s tree identification algorithm.

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I’m sure this will be improved/fixed over time though, if it is the algorithm the issue

Like in the movie I Am Legend

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