Stock G1000 CTD when using Direct-To

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When I am inbound in a G1000-equipped aircraft (so far have tested the 172 and the 208, at multiple airports), if I go to my flight plan and select a waypoint for the Direct-To option, as soon as I hit activate it will crash to desktop. This will also happen if I manually enter a waypoint. I have removed everything from my community folder and uninstalled NeoFly, with no change.

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I cannot upload the video.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

Flight plan inbound to specific runway (can be through the world map or done entirely through the G1000), open FLP, select a waypoint, hit the Direct-To button, scroll to ACTIVATE?, select.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up of relevant:

5600X, 3070ti, basic mouse and keyboard, playing with Xbox One controller plugged in via USB.

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I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for bug fixes for the stock G1000. It’ll soon be replaced by the NXi that can be “bought” for free in the Marketplace. It’s still in beta, but already so much better than the stock version that I think the choice is a no-brainer.


I’ve never had this issue with the 208, but haven’t been back in it for a while. I just tested both methods of going direct, and didn’t have an issue with either one.
I ran it on a completely pure sim (no mods/liveries or sceneries other than the ones included with the original packages).
I’ll keep an eye out for any issues going forward.

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I’ll give it a shot and report back!

Well, it doesn’t happen with the NXi freeware. I think for the time being I will mark this as the solution. Thanks!