STOL takeoff and landing challenges

I think it would be cool to add STOL Challenges it the activities menu like the ones in Valdez, Alaska. And if not an activity, a live event something different from the current landing challenges.

With the amount of tail draggers we have in the sim we should have stol challenges that score you on how little runway you used for takeoff and landings

Or you could give yourself and your friends some STOL challenges:

Took off and landed an NX Cub at the impossible and incredible airport at Altisurface Notre Dame de la Salette, France

Is this the freeware addon? Looks very good.

Yes, it is.

Merci! I’ll install this tonight. I love this airport but the default Asobo rendition left a lot to be desired.

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Bush-flying in the mountains around Finschhafen (Pindiu PDI to Makini MPG airport), Papua, New Guinea

I finally installed this. I already loved that airport but had no idea of the other two runways. This looks great. I flew LFPS to Courcheval then Megeve. Probably do the reverse leg tonight and try and land the grand caravan on that slope!

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Glad you are enjoying it. I did all those legs back and forth too until I remembered the terrain for VFR.

Something about the quality of the scenery, the challange of the landing strips, and the great framerates in that area it just keeps calling me back.

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