Stop adding new content/features and focus on optimizing what we have

We should look forward to updates, but I’d venture a guess most simmers DREAD them, which is unfortunate.

SU11 is a stuttering, CTD laden mess and I for one would appreciate the focus shifting to optimization over new content.

SU11??? Unplayable. And I don’t mean “I lost 2 FPS so I’m going to pout and stop playing”, I mean I can’t fly FIVE MINUTES without a CTD.

PLEASE stop adding new content/features and focus on optimizing what we have.


Oh no, I was hoping the Sim was getting past these sort of problems for people. All I can say is that mine is perfect, sorry. Cheers.


It is not. It may be for you, but it is not.


Well, Yes Asobo please help those poor people that are having CTDs.

But for me, please give me more content, because this is the most stable flight sim I have used for many years, and that by a LARGE margin :slight_smile:


Just my 2 cent:

It’s running more or less stable on my end.
Sometimes more, sometimes less.

But yes I would appreciate it when Asobo would FIRST concentrate on fixing bugs.
Some bugs are over a year old!

Then move ahead with new features and content.

But, tbh. I have my doubts that this will happen.
As I know Joerg has already the list that has to be done on his desk and I think the list is finished.


Did you try deleting the rolling cache? Doing that fixed all the stutters I was initially getting. I also switched back to DX11 from DX12.

My performance after doing those things is now the best I’ve ever had, even good performance while flying around NYC which has always been challenging for me.


I was actually thinking about this earlier. Let’s say that this mess of an update does get fixed, I can’t say I’m going to get excited over the next update. It’ll be more a feeing of trepidation and anxiousness towards it.

Obviously some issues aren’t effecting others quite as badly or they choose not to be as bothered about the shockingly bad blurry mess and draw distance.

The least we deserve are answers as to why they his has gone not just backwards, but completely upside-down. Visually it’s embarrassing.


im sorry your not able to play the game

my experience has been quite the opposite, frankly im amazed how stable the game is for me - i have seen a ctd maybe 2-3 times since launch (even then, all of mine where caused directly by addons i was working on)

with only an old gtx1070 and a quad core cpu i run the game on high settings, that to me seems like pretty good ‘optimization’ if you ask me - usually that has Nothing to do with CTD’s btw, those are usually caused by bugs (which everyone will see/be affected by, or by something Local like addons or other 3rd party software)

update 11 was the smoothest and best update so far imho and my poor old pc runs it just fine
good luck with yous


If it is for me, then it is.


With no settings changed I had 15 FPS last night when I wanted to try the Beaver. Coming from 80 FPS Vsync limited to 60. nice :smiley: I think there has been no month when the sim just worked well :rofl:


Thanks for the help, but I did. Deleted cache, tried DX 12, DX 11 and every combination of TAA DLSS and Nvidia Whateves. Either the stutters were so bad I got instantly nauseous, or CTDs. :person_shrugging:

I fly in VR so maybe this is a VR-specific mess?

To all of you out there who are having good luck with this update, that’s fantastic. My original point was I didn’t change anything, the updated did. And it messed me up BIG TIME.

And I’m not the only one.


Not only but yep, massive VR issues here as well


(Thank you again Joeaudacious. Didn’t mean to come off as frustrated with you.) :+1:t2:


Hmm, I fly 100% in VR too, but I do have a high end system. My LODs are only set to 100 and other settings on high and medium.
My system is 5950X, 64GB RAM, 3090, Varjo Aero.
At least for me this is the best VR experience so far.


Dear N595TC what platform are you using? Curious?

I must say while not perfect on everything I’ve tried.
It’s really impressive even on the S.
On the X apart from minor bugs and draw distance reduction it is only positive.

On my PC it’s running perfectly and that’s just a medium specification machine.

So sorry to read it’s unplayable for you and I know others had issues too.


7700k @4.5 ghz
Valve Index render scale 100%
LOD = 50(!)

Dev mode reveals I’m pinned at “Limited by main thread” which was never the case before. I had it pretty dialed in, and was quite happy before SU11.

No new add-one updates, otherwise…



Wonder if it’s an add-on or mod thars rogue at the moment causing the issues.

Sorry can’t help you out. Frustrating to read others issues and be unable to help them.


I’ll try disabling every add on I have (even though they weren’t an issue before), tonight and report back.

Does anyone know if it’s as simple as “delete/move the Community folder”? Or will I need to disable things I purchased through the MSFS store?


you obviously dont fly with AI Traffic then , because that is broken


I get that those having issues are frustrated, but Asobo has mentioned multiple times that there are teams working to resolve issues, and teams working on new features. Asking them to stop creating new features is not a realistic request, but again, I understand the frustration.