Stop adding new content/features and focus on optimizing what we have

Plain-'ole-straight-line-programming can be mind-bending too. . . :rofl:


There’s a trip down Amnesia Lane!

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I too would like a focus on the CTD issues, I’ve had to reinstall this game at least 6-7 times and I am sure there are people who’ve had it worse than I have.

Every major update this sim gets, I cringe because there’s about a 75% chance it’s going to pause, stutter, and falter during the install. Then I’ll be totally screwed and have to do a complete wipe of the game folders. It’s the only thing that works.

And on top of this, for the first time, I’ve been getting CTD during the installation?!?! What is that all about? System settings have not changed since day one and the game is becoming a nightmare just to keep it up to date with the CTD issues.

Asobo and MS need to address these issues.


If it were that easy, I am sure they would have “Managed” these CTDs “years” ago …

Obviously it’s not that easy, and I am not at all surprised, when you consider what MSFS is doing, the varying machines t is running on , varying internet connections, and what restrictions are placed on the code.