Stop auto bumping threads in the suggestion forum

Most forums don’t allow to bump old threads if you have nothing to add. On this forum we now have a bot bumping threads. What’s up with that?

It’s annoying since I read those suggestions before, and most of them are completely irrelevant.

Can we get rid of it please?

The only threads that are supposed to be bumped are wishlist items (and maybe b&i, not sure about that one). The reason is that topics with a lot of votes get all the attention, pressing other potential big wishes/bugs down to be forgotten as people rarely scroll all the way down in a category. So to make it fair for everyone we implemented this auto bump feature to automatically bump n topics per day. If it is too much and/or interruptive, we would like to hear so we can see if we can find better numbers. And the same if topics are (auto)bumped outside of Wishlist and Bugs&Issues


Take a look at the topics that are being bumped.

Most of them are either because the user didn’t know about an existing feature, a feature that has been implemented, duplicates of bigger topics, …

I don’t think the community is supposed to be reminded of former requests. If it were a popular request, at least it would pop up again.
Asobo is supposed to take notes at the point it pops up. After all I’ve been told the votes don’t matter with their decision making…

This bumping makes the wishlist forum hard to keep track of. It makes me visit the place less since a lot of the topics at the top are things I read in the past. (7 in the current top 20 are bumped!)

And let’s face it, it’s not like it suddenly gains votes now does it? it goes from 0 - 3 votes to 2 - 4 votes. :wink: Not very game-changing.


I would prefer a manual bump vs an autobump.

When we see topics that are already implemented, not applicable or otherwise out of scope for the category, we close and unlist or merge it just like always. So it might be a but messy now, in time it will clean up. Big chance we have did this to more than you have seen that might have fallen through or we didn’t have time for yet :slight_smile:

Hmm this is the exact opposite of what we want. Thanks for voicing your opinion about this to us.


Was sat here thinking ‘Someone’s just going to do it’ , and you did :grinning:. Bit harsh whoever had the sense of humour failure.


Hum…will this topic be bumped too?

All flags do go to moderators. While most members on the forum can flag, moderators can “agree” or “disagree” with a flag.

A reminder about the Code of Conduct:

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The topic bumper is going sequentially through old topics, so right now we’re in August. Back in August, there was no voting system, and there were a lot of newcomers to the forums who didn’t know the rules for the category (if there were rules…I’m not even sure if there were!). That changed as we moved into the fall. In the meantime, the forums team is cleaning up those old posts daily. If you go back 24 hours into the Wishlist, you shouldn’t find duplicates. (And if you do find some where someone like me isn’t asking a clarifying question of the OP, please flag them!)

The topic bumper also gives forum newcomers exposure to older ideas, as well.

Respectfully, I disagree with that logic. In the past 24 hours, I have found two older topics that I really liked and voted for. It also pulled up something on accessibility that fits into the Microsoft “No Pilots Left Behind” initiative.

Here are two topics that I voted for: 1, 2. Both of them were authored by you, and have not been at the top of Wishlist since August and September. I would love to see them bumped some day because I would love to see both of them implemented!

I’ll also add that manually bumping topics is not allowed, nor is petitioning for votes. Without naming names, some (not all, but some) of the most popular topics in Wishlist are products of deliberate topic bumping and promotion campaigns all over the forums. This is something we are trying to crack down on in order to level the playing field for everyone’s ideas. In my opinion, having a bot that doesn’t care about flight simming automatically bump topics for everybody ensures more fairness in the forums.


I’ve noticed a lot of old (6months+ old) topics getting “bumped” automatically, with this kind of message at the bottom:

Anyone know why? Most topics now close if there are no posts for a month, but these much older ones are being resurrected. Seems a bit odd.


This was a result of feedback that certain topics were getting buried and forgotten about. Sometimes this is ok if it is a topic people may not be interested in. But in other categories it isn’t ideal (such as support issues). We can change the frequency that topics get bumped. Always open to feedback from the community if there are strong opinions either way.


We respect your team steering via bumps, thread closures, blocking etc… after all this is a commercial product.

My experience tells me “certain topics” means constructive threads or threads not destructive to the overall objective of the marketing team.

Hi All,
As stated above, the topic bump is only installed in #self-service:wishlist

It is helping to organize the wishlist category by closing or merging duplicate wishlist topics. Once the wishlist is cleaned up, a revaluation will be done about the topic bump. This is where we can use your input.

The topic bumper has several settings from how many topics, how old and how often. The current setting on the topic bumper is keeping moderators busy in wishlist as it gets reorganized.


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For what it’s worth, I’m glad this auto-bumping system is in place too, for the reasons @N316TS has explained clearly.

As a matter of fact, there was some VR wishlist topics automatically closed before, now automatically bumped, and getting new valuable feedback months after the last post in the topic. Not only valuable because it comes from people who didn’t see the topic before (buried after too many pages? newcomers?) but also valuable because the sim is evolving over time and some older topics might become obsolete, but some others might become even more prevalent.


I would like a different solution then. Now the forum says ‘hey you haven’t read this latest post yet’, and it just says ‘auto bump, haha!’.

I mean, I’m all for keeping topics open and allowing users to post something in the topic even if the oldest post was 6 months ago, as long as they are adding something useful to the topic.

A good solution would be to add a section at the top of the wishlist like the one at the bottom of every page with the ‘Suggested Topics’ but instead with some kind of random older topics. Like 2 - 3 at a time. Put it on top so we see it.

But don’t just tell me I haven’t read the last post, while it is nothing more than an auto bump. It makes it harder to follow discussions.

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Please don’t change the auto-bump feature. It brings old wish list ideas back to the foreground where they can be voted on.

We aren’t supposed to manually bump topics.

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