Storage Question

I ran into a problem on my machine. it has a 500 gig hard drive. I loaded MSFS 2020 on it in January and some of the extra aircraft. I have a 1 TB second drive that i just put in. The latest update says there’s no room for it on the main drive. What i should of done was put all my extra stuff on the second drive and leave the main program on the main drive. How do I go about moving all the extras over to the new drive so they still work. Extras as in scenery files, aircraft, add on’s from the main directory of the extra aircraft and challenges you can download. Is there maybe a way to uninstall the add ons I put in and then download them again having them go to this second drive I have. As long as the program can read them is what I’d be after.

I have a Folder named MSFSData on my D Drive, I load MSFS on my C and load all the data for the community and official folders are in that folder. This really makes it easy to use, also with Windows 10 you can get errors due to how long the link to the folders are in the main directory.