Storm Eunice (UK)

Seems like the live weather is depicting the real world weather quite well at the moment.

Just checking out Storm Eunice around the Cardiff area (UK).

83Kt Headwind and very gusty.


Well, we are just up the road north of Hereford and it is pretty quiet around here. Breezy, but no more than that at present.

Well the 83Kt wind was at 11,000ft will be trying a landing in about 30mins at EGFA will see what it’s like at ground level :crossed_fingers:

Looks like I picked the wrong day to take a little flight round the Scilly Isles.


My flight from Barra to Glasgow has not given the most pleasent views for now :wink:


Quite breezy/turbulent at FL200-FL290. On way down to EGLC in the CRJ right now. Aircraft is currently on a 30deg offset to maintain the flightplan course. Wish me luck landing. :sweat_smile:

Landed ok at EGFA with a 35kt headwind into runway 25

Departed Newquay (42G57) heading to Cork (EICK). Things aren’t better there (36G49). Live weather looking very good right now.


Still not there but after the icing and snow/rain now the wind picks up


Two flights with the A32X from/to EGKK today. Should be fun!! :grin:


EGLC winds 229/44 zero vis almost Scottish weather :rofl:

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Done an early morning from Luton to Bristol and I must say approach to Bristol was interesting


A bit of a wild time after touching down, but I got there. Central London feelng more like the Outer Hebrides this morning.


Oh well the storm got me in the end, was on my way up to Walney Island (EGNL)
When the storm took my electricity supply out :frowning:

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They need to fix wind gusts in this sim, it’s way too easy currently.


and no just your virtual airraft alternator, hope your PC’s ok. You obviously need to get a backup generator for pure uninterrupted flight simming. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been watching YouTube and BigJetTV who are showing Heathrow Live, I know this is MSFS, but the pilots landing in this kind of weather is incredible, they really are brave, I am getting nervous just watching let alone being on the aircraft.

How is MSFS reflecting the weather, is it realistic? I can’t try it as I am working.

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I have got a UPS but it only lasts about 20mins with this system so it just allows me to shut the system down in a controlled manner and keep my router running for a few hours:)


It’s the big air (zone?) changes that annoy me. Not so much turbulence, it’s more like hitting an invisible brick wall they way the aircraft gets thrown violently about for a minute. Doesn’t seem in any way realistic at all when this happens.

A good investment by the sounds of things.