Strange Airport - DNGU Gusau, Nigeria

Today I stopped at the 298th airport on my world tour. DNGU Gusau, Nigeria is a weird one.

The runway is a strip of dirt in the town with numerous roads running on and across it. Note the red lines showing vehicles on the roads. (My parked TBM by the airport sign is also identified by a red line.)

As I landed there was heavy non-airport traffic all over and crossing the runway.

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It’s OK for a lot of African airstrips IRL:) Vehicles, crowds of people, and so on. IRL they stop if there is some air traffic. And, I am not sure, there was news that Zamfara State New Airport Site airport is under construction.

Wow! Even in my advanced years I seem to learn something every day.

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It’s a nice one, I stopped there as well. I arrived in the dark though, no lights on the runway but easy to land on since it’s the dark strip between all the houses :slight_smile:

There are many more where road traffic either crosses the runway or where the runway is actually part of the road itself. Sometimes the berm next to the road.

It’s real, and still in use according to various sources

even modern days airports (e.g. Gibraltar and Sumborough) have cars crossing the runway!!!

Thanks. It is certainly an interesting airport. During this trip I have landed right next to parallel roads a couple times and once on a road.

In FS2020 you even have buildings crossing the runway :joy:

I’ve even found 2 where the runway is turned into a long stretched building by the AI. And one where a huge circular building occupied the airstrip. Those are glitches of course.

A lot of the glitched ones are actually airports that have been closed long ago and build on. The database is a bit out of date, although it also includes airports that haven’t been finished yet. Also in Africa a couple that stalled building due to corruption / funding issues, yet in FS2020 they’re ‘operational’

Also found a couple that are at the bottom of a lake. Perhaps the lake was made later, a glitch in the water polygon database or on a tidal / seasonal lake.

You definitely can’t land on all airports included in the game. It’s always fun trying to figure out what’s real and what’s a glitch. Today I thought this was a bug

Yet it seems to be real, drainage solution I guess

So many strange things to find :smiley: