Strange control surface bahaviour

I feel the need to share a recent frustration in the hope that it doesn’t frustrate others …

Yesterday I performed a number of successful flights. One was to Rio de Janeiro and I thought after landing I’d use the drone to check out the ■■■■■■ the Redeemer statue.

Anyway, family arrived, I showed them the statue and exited the sim to return later.

When I returned I decided to test VR since the update. The first surprise was it was difficult to rotate the aircraft (Baron) of the runway. I was sure I had set the trim prior to takeoff. I had to retrim using the trim wheel excessively to assist with rotating.

Once airborne, I engaged the autopilot and the plane flew as expected to the first destination. On descent, again I found the elevator control unusual and the trim wheel got a work out.

Final on approach, I headed straight for the tarmac and couldn’t flare.

After landing, I checked my controls (probably something I should have done as part of my startup process) and found the elevator was frozen neutral. All other controls were OK.

I went to settings and checked the axis movement and it was perfect.

I wondered if the recently added fix for the G1000 had added an issue and I removed it from the Custom folder. Still no good.

I rebooted the sim and picked the C172. Still no good.

I removed everything from the Custom folder. Still no good.

I loaded up XPlane and found the elevator control worked properly. So I know the Controler (Yoke) is working fine.

I was about to post something on the forum and thought about possible causes. I thought I’d shut down the computer and see if a clean boot would make any difference, WHEN IT DAWNED ON ME, the last thing I was doing was using the Xbox controller to view the statue.

I unplugged the Xbox controller and the PROBLEM WAS FIXED.

After plugging the Xbox controller back in everything still worked OK.

Hopefully, you don’t experience this issue but if you do, you know what to do.

Had the exact same issue after the update. And external view showed the elevator having little movement or slight fluttering but other surfaces were OK.

I’ve seen this before though. Unplug and plug back in, restart the sim and it clears up. Sometimes needs a second go.

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