Strange Item In Content Manager

I updated yesterday and went to Content Manager to download and update. Today I found this available in the Content Manager. There is no description on what it is…?

Looks like a render file from one of your Community Mods.

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Strange, unable to download it also…

That’s because it’s a local file in your Community folder

its a converted fil in the community folder, these are made when fsx stuff is ported over.

You should see a file or folder with CVT in the name in your Community folder.

Thank you. Not found in my Community folder. It could be that it was there but I may have deleted it after the update and found it was incompatible, I also got rid of a few that I no longer had an interest in.

In that case, it can’t hurt to rebase your content.xml.

Exit the sim
Open file explorer
Go to ‘%appdata%’
Open the folder ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’
Rename your ‘content.xml’ to ‘content.xml.backup’