Strange path (FBW A32nx)


I dont know how to describe this :


Précision : a32NX dev


Hi @MajorAlan70, is this for the FlyByWire A32nx?

It is a drawing - plotting error.
If, as mentioned above, you use the FBW A320, this is not uncommon as of late.
As the plane gets closer, it should follow a straight line without the big curve.

I have read of instances where things like that actually do occur IRL!

This can be easy :wink:

One Orchestrial 2 Tempo arrival :wink:

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Yes, sorry for forgetting that detail.

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@MajorAlan70 no worries, I’ve moved your thread to the #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft category which is more appropriate :+1:


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than you :+1:

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It would be helpful if the name of the procedure loaded could be included, otherwise I cannot tell you what the system is trying to do. Also, screenshots of higher ND ranges and the F-PLN page are needed in those cases.