Strange terrain loading

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terrain loads in strange bright colours. It doesn’t seem to matter which aircraft or camera I’m in. If I go in drone mode and fly up whilst looking down I can make the colours get smaller, so it seems I have some kind of sphere around me that affects the terrain colour.

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Load in to any area and use drone camera or aircraft to fly around and I see terrain loading in strange colours around me but when I pass it goes back to normal. It only affects a small diameter around my camera.

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2080 super, I7

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This happens quite a bit - the world you see in the sim is derived from a patchwork of Bing sattelite imagery, which consists of stripes and tiles stitched together with AI. Do the bright areas revert to dull if you pan away?

Thanks for the reply. It’s not the usual satellite patching. These move with me wherever I go when panning around. It’s pretty distracting and ugly when you’re on final and see all these bright colours popping up in front of you. A video would’ve been better to show it, I’ll try grab one when I’m back at the sim.

This might be related to this:

Does that happen everywhere or just in certain areas?

It sometimes happens that there are different aerial photos used for different LOD levels - if you fly in close enough distance to the ground you will see a different photo than flying further away which also may occur in this case.

If you can reproduce the same issue in a random different place it’s a bug in general, if you can reproduce this issue only in one region you should provide some coordinates :wink:

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Hi there,

Did you manage to resolve this? Currently having the same issue.

@Delta2k5 Thanks for the response. I think I may have just been unlucky to randomly visit many of these places all at the same time, but will be doing some more testing over the next few days. Worst area seems to be 54.093424, -4.650603.

@Jord524 Hi, as I said above I’m now thinking it might be the satellite coverage in areas I’ve gone to (even though they were thousands of miles apart). I’ll be doing some more testing though. What are the coordinates of the area you see it in?

Can confirm

@TenPatrol Thanks for confirming it’s the satellite imagery. I must’ve just been really lucky not to have come across it before!

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


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seems to be happening in specific areas. It happens over albania, croatia, bosnia. I usually fly over greece and around the mach loop and it doesnt happen there. weird

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MSFS terrain bug - YouTube

Seems it happening to me as well, flying round LAX is just awful at the moment and has been for a day or so, everywhere else is just as bad. It seems the only scenery that loads intime is the 3rd party stuff. Weird distortion as well at the moment in VR, its as iff I’m looking at the outside world through a magnifying glass.