Streak Deck XL Honeycomb Mount?

Is there a mount made for sale or that can be 3d printed to mount a Streak Deck XL to a Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo?

A quick google search (stream deck)

With the plans can just hire out the job.

I was looking for the XL.

This could be scaled to the XL without to much trouble. I printed this for the 15 button and I do not recommend without some pretty big changes.

Hi, in the same boat at the moment … have you been able to source a mount?

No. With the HC Charlie pedals coming out soon I decided to put my FS budget to that.

I’m also still deciding on a stream deck vs a touchscreen and Air Manager. But I think to get that to work I will need both a GPU upgrade and for pop out avionics displays to perform better. I’ve also figured out with Spad.neXt how to get some of the G1000 controls working with my HC Bravo and Logitech Radio Panel.

If I do end up going the Stream Deck XL route. I may take a stab at modifying an existing design to work with the XL. One of my D&D friends has a 3d printer so I could have some stuff done at material cost. If (BIG IF) I go that route, ill make the design open source.

I think Air Manager will be what I will end up with down the road, long term.

Must admit I never heard of Air Manager before but it looks intriguing.
Will defintely have a closer look at it.

HC Charlie is also on my shortlist, last I heard it will be March-April this year … fingers crossed.