Stream Deck as a button box

Thanks … thats fine…

I’m interested in how you managed this switching as it’s something I wanted to do but couldn’t figure out how to make it work.

Also, have you managed to make a profile which switches automatically when the FS2020 window is active?

I use my StreamDeck for VR flight for some of the keyboard functions as it’s a lot easy to do on the StreamDeck compared with the keyboard when I’m wearing my VR goggles.

There is an older plugin for switching audio playback which I still use because it works well.
I think elgato actually added similar function in base software with a recent update but I have not played with it yet.

Worth noting for audio switch. - the old plugin i use only supports to output options. Therefore you will need to limit the amount of outputs available in Windows audio or it gets confused/out of sync.

Sometimes if I plug a new audio capable monitor in I need to go into windows settings and disable so that my only options remain usb headphones out and realtek (motherboard optical)

The plugin has a nice key display which toggles between each state with an image of headphones or speakers to let you know which is active just in case of surprise deafness :wink:

Not at my PC right now but I think you can browse plugins through the stream deck config software.

To make stream deck auto change profile you need to toggle the function in settings and then CLOSE the stream deck software. I don’t think it auto changes if the config window is open/active.
But I can confirm it does work. I have a number of profiles configured to launch with different games and it does this.
It even auto switches back to my default “home page” when the game is not focus/minimised. Pretty neat.

Yeah, I can get the autochange working with everything except MSFS 2020, I suspect that the Steam version may allow more open access to the files and that may be enough to help the autochange to work.

Thanks for the infor re the Steamdeck plugins. I hadn’t even considered that, I’ll take a look later.

I just use the ‘Audio Devices’ addon and it works fine for me

As for this, it can be a bit hit and miss i have a profiles icon to just change to the one i want when it doesn’t load it.

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