Stream Deck with Axis and Ohs -- How Do I Copy and Paste?

So I have loads of profiles made by talented people but I want to customise a bunch of stuff into my own SD Pkus profiles.

Although it’s eady to find Lvars etc for button boxes using Axis and Ohs … it’s more difficult to use the Stream deck.

If I find a command in A & Ohs, how do I export it into Stream Deck ? There is no obvious way.

Would appreciate advice or maybe a link to a tute.


There is a plug in for download with AOA that will communicate with your stream deck. Check out the AOA download site for instructions.

You could create a new profile, switch between the existing profiles and right click the key in a specific profile to select copy, switch back to your new profile and right click to paste. Do this as needed.

I’m away from my computer but that’s how I remember it. Someone may be able to answer better.

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Check this link and scroll down to the section in the photo attached. The plugin for AAO and the PDF of the instructions are there.