Streaming on Youtube, which software is best?

I’ve used OBS software and the stream is not smooth at all…do you guys recommend different software?

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If you have a Nvidia GPU you can try streaming with GeForce Experience

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I’d go for OBS:

I have both, but the problem are shutters when I’m recording, do you guys know where that’s coming from?

recording? shutter = stutters !?
what kind of storage are you using?

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SSD DRIVES for this particular program…

I had the same problem with stuttery recording. I had set the format to MP4. I just tried setting it back to the default FLV format earlier this evening after reading about the recording formats in it, and I had a perfectly smooth recording. It was short, 8 1/2 minutes roughly, but my previous attempt full of stutters was only a few minutes and it was full of stuttering.

What did you use, OBS?

Either use CPU encoding with OBS if you can, if you want to use NVENC you have to reduce your graphics settings and cap FPS to keep GPU usage below 80% or so.

GeForce experience works better at higher usages at least for recording, haven’t tried streaming with it.

Sorry I thought I responded. I was using the Streamlabs version, but essentially it’s OBS yes.

Unless GPU limited if you have an RTX card I’d highly recommend using the newer NVENC option. Saves the FPS hit that you get using CPU. I know it’s not the same exact scenario, but I haven’t tested both in the sim yet. However for streaming World of Warcraft flipping on CPU encoding results in a consistent 10fps loss at least. The new 2nd gen NVENC that’s available on the 2xxx and I believe the 16xx cards is only a 2-3fps loss. When you are setting it up if you have a capable card you’ll see three options.

Software (x264)
Hardware (NVENC)
Hardware (NVENC) (new)

At least that’s how it’s presented in the Streamlabs version of OBS and the “(new)” option is the 2nd gen encoder. It’s designed to have almost no impact on performance vs the older one.

I have an RTX card and FS uses the GPU in a weird way that causes NVENC recordings (both in OBS and another program I’ve tried) to stutter, go down to 1fps or freeze completely if GPU usage is above 80% or so, while Geforce Experience is fine.

Maybe the (new) option works like Experience but I haven’t tried the Streamlabs version and don’t have that option.

Huh well I was thinking of swapping to regular OBS and stream elements add on so I’ll check tonight. I was pretty sure they supported it maybe just a different name like Nvenc2 or something. I know one of the YouTube people I follow uses regular OBS and the new RTX version of the encoder.

I don’t think I’ve capped my gpu usage either though. I actually have it locked in the NCP to 40 until I can expand my cooling loop as it can’t handle msfs with gpu and cpu pushing as many FPS as possible unless I ramp the fans to ridiculous levels. This is the first app I’ve had this problem with though.

Oh man I see what you’re saying. Yeah I might have to go back to CPU rendering at least for flightsim. I landed at EHAM with weather and traffic/live players and in exterior views I was hitting over 80% usage and the stream turned into a stutterfest. woops.