Struggeling with my settings on a RTX4080 with a Gaming Laptop

I agree.

With the FPS you’re getting I’d highly recommend setting DLSS to Quality as a minimum, I’d personally set it to DLAA. You will get much better graphical quality.

Some good NvCP settings would be to turn on G-SYNC, and switch off V-SYNC if switched on in the sim (if your display is G-SYNC compatible), another is to set a FPS cap to ~100.

G-SYNC will eliminate screen tearing and with lower latency than V-SYNC, and the 100FPS cap should help to smooth out some of the perceptible stutters when FPS fluctuates.

And as has already been said, I’d be looking at increasing settings while trying to keep a minimum of 60FPS(with FG), 30FPS without.

It sounds like when you get 60FPS you are CPU limited, there is probably a lot of GPU headroom to increase certain settings without lowering your FPS. This guide is very good and explains which graphics settings are CPU or GPU heavy! [HOW-TO] Graphics Settings and Performance Guide (SU12 Update) (7/26/2023)

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