Struggle to decide where to fly

Neofly is highly recommend.

I’ve been reading about aviation history and will try the as-near to original transcontinental mail route from New York to SFO from the 1920s,-96.63574218233572&chart=301&zoom=12&fpl=%20KFRG%20N96%20KCGF%200G6%20KMDW%20KIOW%20KDSM%20KMLE%20KLBF%20KCYS%20KRKS%20KSLC%20KEKO%20KRNO%20KMHR%20KSFO

I’ll be trying it in the FlyingIrons Lightning :grin:

Ps. I’m also landing in an airport in every county in England, Wales and Scotland. Nice short trips and low level flight.

Watch this, then:

I doubt you’ll find a better getting-started video on any topic. Two hours well spent.

I like sunrises and sunsets, so I look for wherever it’s rising or setting and fly there. I also fly around my Pacific Northwest neighbourhood quite a bit, and I’m still getting to know the place. No fun if you live on the prairies, I know. Also, I like to visit the airfields that are famous in other sims. Batumi, Sochi, Dubai, Beirut, are all my regular spots. There is the route the Crusaders took that is fun to fly over. Sites of great battle in history. Missing tombs of emperors to hunt for…

I’m gonna chime in with Google Earth’s ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button, which zooms you in on a random real world point of interest. If you’re up for a long-term adventure, just set out from your home airport in a GA aircraft and try to go there with minimal flight planning.

Personally, I enjoy using the bush trip missions from Neofly to chain the legs together as I go until I end up at my destination.

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The other day I went Island hopping in the PT-17, landing and taking off on every grass strip and local airfield I could find. That is even more fun in VR.

Genius idea. Looks like I’m off to Salamanca!

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These are the flying styles and approaches to pick where to fly that I use, sometimes influenced by whatever scenery I bought recently or downloaded from

Sightseeing the big picture: fly a fighter jet because there is so much to see and it would take forever in a slow aircraft. fly along coastlines, tour the grand canyon, fly over mountain ranges (the Rockies, the Alps etc.), close to the mountain tops. Work your way along the coast of entire continents.

Sightseeing cities: fly a helicopter to fly close and slow and see things up close, enjoy add ons with landmarks and photgramtery cities. I love the H135 and H145 by Hypeperformance Group, look for landable helipads and practice landing on them. You can do these flights in GA fixed wings too but nothing beats the visibility and control of a helicopter for really looking at things close up. I’ve bought all the landmarks and city packs and love to fly around looking at cities.

Bush flying, follow rivers, practice short take offs and landings, visit little grass fields. Take off near the Grand Coulee dam for example and follow the Columbia river down to Wenatchie WA. Orcas Island, Friday Harbor, Alaska, BC, Canada, and PNG are favorite places for me. Flying the Kodiak 100 as of recently.

GA practice, pick a specific aircraft to learn, practice circuits, stalls and recoveries etc, practice start from cold and dark, learn the autopilot. Pick a few different airports to become more familiar with and fly to and from them repeatedly. Doesn’t have to be your local airport you can adopt a more interesting one if needed. I was focusing on the Cessna 208 but now I’ve switched to learn the Kodiak.

I’ve been flying the capitals of the world in the FBW320 over the last several months. Started at East Midlands (my local airport, and flew to Paris, and then from there, flew to Berlin, and so on.
Below is my list I’ve done…

Continent Country Capital ICAO
Africa Algeria Algiers DAAG
Africa Angola Luanda FNLU
Africa Benin Porto-Novo DBBB
Africa Botswana Gaborone FBSK
Africa Burkina Faso Ouagadougou DFFD
Africa Burundi Bujumbura HBBA
Africa Cape Verde Praia GVAC
Africa Central African Republic Bangui FEFF
Africa Chad N’Djamena FTTJ
Africa D.R Congo Kinshasa FZAA
Africa Djibouti Djibouti-city HDAM
Africa Egypt Cairo HECA
Africa Equatorial Guinea Malabo FGSL
Africa Eritrea Asmara HHMS
Africa Ethiopia Addis Ababa HAAB
Africa Gabon Libreville FOOL
Africa Gambia Banjul GBYD
Africa Ghana Accra DGAA
Africa Guinea Conakry GUCY
Africa Guinea-Bissau Bissau GGOV
Africa Ivory Coast Yamoussoukro DIAP
Africa Kenya Nairobi HKJK
Africa Lesotho Maseru FXMM
Africa Liberia Monrovia GLRB
Africa Libya Tripoli HLLT
Africa Madagascar Antananarivo FMMI
Africa Malawi Lilongwe FWKI
Africa Mali Bamako GABS
Africa Mauritania Nouakchott GQNO
Africa Mauritius Port Louis FIMP
Africa Mozambique Maputo FQMA
Africa Namibia Windhoek FYWH
Africa Niger Niamey DRRN
Africa Nigeria Abuja DNAA
Africa Qatar Doha OTHH
Africa Republic of the Congo Brazzaville FCBB
Africa Rwanda Kigali HRYR
Africa Senegal Dakar GOBD
Africa Seychelles Victoria FSIA
Africa Sierra Leone Freetown GFLL
Africa South Africa Cape Town FACT
Africa South Sudan Juba HJJJ
Africa Sudan Khartoum HSSK
Africa Swaziland Mata-utu FDSK
Africa Tanzania Dodoma HTDA
Africa Tunisia Tunis DTTA
Africa Uganda Kampala HUEN
Africa Western Sahara El Aaiun GMML
Africa Zambia Lusaka FYWH
Africa Zimbabwe Harare FVRG
Africa Morocco Rabat GMME
Africa Cameroon Yaoundé FKKD
Asia Afghanistan Kabul OAKB
Asia Bahrain Manama OBBI
Asia Bangladesh Dhaka VGHS
Asia Bhutan Thimphu VQPR
Asia Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan WBSB
Asia Cambodia Phnom Penh VDPP
Asia China Beijing ZBAA
Asia Hong Kong (China) Hong Kong City VHHH
Asia India New Delhi VIDP
Asia Indonesia Jakarta WIII
Asia Iran Tehran OIIE
Asia Iraq Baghdad ORBI
Asia Israel Tel Aviv LLBG
Asia Japan Tokyo RJTT
Asia Jordan Amman OJAI
Asia Kazakhstan Astana UACC
Asia Kuwait Kuwait City OKBK
Asia Kyrgyzstan Bishkek UCFM
Asia Laos Vientiane VLVT
Asia Lebanon Beirut OLBA
Asia Malaysia Kuala Lumpur WMKK
Asia Maldives Malé VRMM
Asia Mongolia Ulan Bator ZMUB
Asia Myanmar Naypyidaw VYNT
Asia Nepal Kathmandu VNKT
Asia North Korea Pyongyang ZKPY
Asia Oman Muscat OOMS
Asia Pakistan Islamabad OPIS
Asia Philippines Manila RPLL
Asia Saudi Arabia Riyadh OERK
Asia Singapore Singapore WSSS
Asia South Korea Seoul RKSI
Asia Sri Lanka Sri Jayawardenapura-kotte VCBI
Asia Syria Damascus OSDI
Asia Taiwan Taipei RCTP
Asia Tajikistan Dushanbe UTDD
Asia Thailand Bangkok VTBD
Asia Turkey Ankara LTAC
Asia Turkmenistan Ashgabat UTAA
Asia United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi OMAA
Asia Uzbekistan Tashkent UTTT
Asia Vietnam Hanoi VVNB
Asia Yemen Sana’a OYSN
Europe Kosovo Pristina BKPR
Europe Albania Tirana LATI
Europe Andorra Andorra La Vella LEDA
Europe Armenia Yerevan UDYZ
Europe Austria Vienna LOWW
Europe Azerbaijan Baku UBBB
Europe Belarus Minsk UMMS
Europe Belgium Brussels EBBR
Europe Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo LQSA
Europe Bulgaria Sofia LBSF
Europe Croatia Zagreb LDZA
Europe Cyprus Nicosia LCLK
Europe Czech Republic Prague LKPR
Europe Denmark Copenhagen EKCH
Europe Estonia Tallinn EETN
Europe Faroe Islands (Denmark) Tórshavn EKVG
Europe Finland Helsinki EFHK
Europe France Paris LFPG
Europe Georgia Tbilisi UGTB
Europe Germany Berlin EDDB
Europe Gibraltar (UK) Gibraltar LXGB
Europe Greece Athens LGAV
Europe Guernsey (UK) Saint Peter Port EGJB
Europe Hungary Budapest LHBP
Europe Iceland Reykjavík BIKF
Europe Ireland Dublin EIDW
Europe Italy Rome LIRF
Europe Jersey (UK) Saint Helier EGJJ
Europe Latvia Riga EVRA
Europe Lithuania Vilnius EYVI
Europe Luxembourg Luxembourg ELLX
Europe Macedonia Skopje LWSK
Europe Malta Valletta LMML
Europe Moldova Chisinau LUKK
Europe Monaco Monaco LFMN
Europe Montenegro Podgorica LYPG
Europe Netherlands Amsterdam EHAM
Europe Norway Oslo ENGM
Europe Poland Warsaw EPWA
Europe Portugal Lisbon LPPT
Europe Romania Bucharest LROP
Europe Russia Moscow UUEE
Europe San Marino San Marino LIPR
Europe Serbia Belgrade LYBE
Europe Slovakia Bratislava LZIB
Europe Slovenia Ljubljana LJLJ
Europe Spain Madrid LEMD
Europe Sweden Stockholm ESSA
Europe Switzerland Bern LSZB
Europe Ukraine Kiev UKBB
Europe United Kingdom London EGLL
North America Bahamas Nassau MYNN
North America Barbados Bridgetown TBPB
North America Belize Belmopan MZBZ
North America Bermuda (UK) Hamilton TXKF
North America Canada Ottawa CYOW
North America Costa Rica San José MROC
North America Cuba Havana MUHA
North America Curacao (Netherlands) Willemstad TNCC
North America Dominican Republic Santo Domingo MDSD
North America El Salvador San Salvador MSLP
North America Greenland (Denmark) Nuuk BGSF
North America Guatemala Guatemala City MGGT
North America Haiti Port-au-prince MTPP
North America Honduras Tegucigalpa MHLM
North America Jamaica Kingston MKJP
North America Mexico Mexico City MMMX
North America Nicaragua Managua MNMG
North America Panama Panama City MPTO
North America Puerto Rico (USA) San Juan TJSJ
North America United States Washington D.C. KIAD
Oceania American Samoa (USA) Pago Pago NSTU
Oceania Australia Canberra YSCB
Oceania Cook Islands (New Zealand) Avarua NCRG
Oceania French Polynesia (France) Papeete NTAA
Oceania New Caledonia (France) Nouméa NWWW
Oceania New Zealand Wellington NZWN
Oceania Northern Mariana Islands (USA) Saipan PGSN
Oceania Papua New Guinea Port Moresby AYPY
Oceania Samoa Apia NSFA
South America Argentina Buenos Aires SAEZ
South America Bolivia Sucre SLAL
South America Brazil Brasília SBBR
South America Chile Santiago SCEL
South America Colombia Bogotá SKBO
South America Ecuador Quito SEQM
South America French Guiana (France) Cayenne SOCA
South America Guyana Georgetown SYCJ
South America Paraguay Asunción SGAS
South America Peru Lima SPJC
South America Suriname Paramaribo SMJP
South America Uruguay Montevideo SUMU
South America Venezuela Caracas SVMI
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Try flying around South America. The scenery is fantastic.

This morning’s flight into L05 (Kern Valley) nestled into the Southern Sierra Nevada mountains, just east and south of Bakersfield. The strip is located just below the slightly visible double rainbow.

To Visit some of the included MSFS handcrafted airport could be an idea !

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@RossiZwift that link is fantastic. I have been exploring and love the challenges. Thanks for sharing

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So did you discover some new places and destinations, that are worth to start the engines? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve gone to the website Flightradar24 for ideas. It will show you every airplane in the sky at that moment. If you click on the plane it will give you the aircraft type, departure, and destination.

One thing I try to do once I land in a virtual city is to take some moments to learn about that city/country/culture, there’s lots of “walkthrough” videos of almost any city in YT, and more often than not I find myself hooked on to something: a new dish I want to try, a snippet of History I didn’t know about, a few words of that language… treat your virtual travels like travels and you’ll be surprised how much you end up learning.

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I do similar. When flying low level I also plug in bushtalk radio and add POIs along my route.

@RossiZwift i did yes thanks. I am into short flights to master VFR flight rules. So I use the navigation system to get me there and then practice and then land manually.

I want to learn to fly you see. So anything in flight planner that has no ILS or VNAV is where I want to be

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Well, I’ve had a busy day which trying software and research! - initially I installed Neofly and was impressed with the level of detail and spent some time reading the guide and on Youtube. I initially thought it was great but after a while when I wanted to fly some other planes in other areas that seemed a little harder. I don’t really want to go into full management mode and want to fly more and thought I’d fly around the USA a bit more but I didn’t have the money for a bigger plane and didn’t really want to pay (virtual) money to move me (the pilot) over to the USA.

I have just purchased and tried Skypark, only done the tutorial flight (been a long day so far) and from first glance it looks great, it seems I can fly anywhere with any plane without penalty.

As I said, I have only done the tutorial flight so I am not sure if there will be enough detail overall as there is a lot less content than Neofly, but I think it is more what I was looking for.

Thanks for all your help - I’ve got lots of places to explore now! :smile:

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SkyPark is definitely a pick any of these flights here and fly in want you want. None of that plane manage stuff ! And has a really nice UI


I’d started putting this together for myself…

Airport Destinations / Approaches List - Fly Together / World Discovery - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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