While in MSFS 2020 went to Options and turned on Developers Mode to view FPS, but a small window popped up with DEVMODE USERS - IMPORTANT INFORMATION. I cannot expand window or click on OK. The part of the message i can read is
Please do not use this version of M
packages that you would like to get
We will communicate further informa

Every thing in the background is greyed and does not respond to mouse clicks.
Need help on how to get out of developer mode.


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Try Alt+Enter


I made that pop-up message bigger by dragging the edges of that pop-up message. There is an OK button at the bottom and even a checkbox for something like “don’t show me this message again”. (FS2020 running fullscreen on a 42" monitor from Windows 11 PC with 1920x1080 resolution )

I left the checkbox unchecked so it will always pop up in the larger size I made it when I turn on developer mode because I am curious how long it will be before building mission packages is fixed.

Same issue, with 48” tv, couldn’t see any ok button no matter what display resolution, had to reboot sim…. Ridiculous

I figured this out or at least I was able to turn off developer mode. I connected a different monitor up and made sure my windows Display setting for Scale and Layout were not higher than 100%. I was then able to click on the OK and get rid of the window and close DevMode.

Same issue on a windows 10 computer via the XBox App. I set windows Scale and Layout to 100% as suggested by HackMan66 above. I can see entire message including the “Don’t show again” and the OK button. However, when I click on the, nothing happens. A mouse click has no effect on the screen, which is locked. I rebooted Tried multiple times to log out of dev mode but cannot. Every tome the Sim opens, the same message (below) pops up and locks the screen.

Here is full message:
DEVMODE USERS Important Information

“Please do not use this version of Microsoft Flight Simulator to build Mission
packages that you would like to get published in the Marketplace.
We will communicate further information regarding this in the coming days.”

Any suggestions on how to close the dev mode and get back to the Sim would be much appreciated

Fixed it: Attached to different monitor. then ALT-Enter. Could finally see upper left border of screen and could then turn off developer mode. Sim worked normally after that. Thank you.

Thanks, that is solution.