Stuck on blue loading bar with SU5 update

since the SU5 update and still with the hotfix today i am stuck on the blue loading bar tried starting the game with an empty community folder and the game is still stuck on the blue loading bar i have no idea ■■■ is going on

I had the same problem and finally just uninstalled and reinstalled the sim and it works perfectly now.That being said, I still haven’t tried it yet with the patch that was released this morning.

I feel your frustration. Prior to the hotfix, I had no issues whatsoever. Everything was perfect and with high frame rates at that. Now with latest hotfix, I have the same issue as you and with reduced frame rates. Now I share the same frustration as everyone else. I welcome myself to the club. Good luck.

going to do a full reinstall i think to see it that helps

holly ■■■■ just got my game to load up after bashing my head against a wall for days trying to find what was in my community folder stopping the game from loading up.
just found out it was spring a fall season pack by bijan habashi i got from the marketplace i deleted it a bang game loaded up with everything i had in my community folder

I have a Season update for SU5. If you bought from simmarket, you can download the new update. If you bought from marketplace, email me to get the update.

Moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:tools-utilities as the solution is removing a third party add-on.

yeah thanks i got it from the marketplace

I too had the same problem - With forever loading bar. I deleted all the extra add-on mods and planes I bought through the Microsoft game which included the spring and summer pack and was able to play the game again.

The loading time now is astonishingly fast and I wonder if any of the other mods and add-ons were causing problems as well as the spring and fall pack? I’ll spend the next couple days reloading them one by one but for now I’m flying.

do you have a fix